Meeting Notes, October 20, 2020

President Lynn King called the meeting to order
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag.  Thank you Suzi Oliver for the flag and Dave Pierce for the pole.
Creighton Stuckart and Suzi Oliver have been working on a water project. Suzi explained the oyster bagging project and there are possible dates that we can do it.  Wednesday Nov 18, or December 9 from 3:00 TO 4:30 pm.  They furnish the supplies we fill the bags.  We need to bring masks, wear closed toe shoes and long pants.  More information to come.
Kristin Keller - the raffle tickets will be available next week.  The raffle will take place on December 22, which will give members additional time to sell tickets.  
Evan Jeffords and Brian Neumann are finalizing the holiday basket project.  Deliveries (to 50 families each time) will take place on November 24 and December 22.
Plans are being made for an off site meeting in November - to be held at the Sand Box.
Member Bev James will be out of town until after Christmas.  She is reachable via email.
Christmas party plans are still being considered.  Possible that it will be an Oyster Roast.
We will have a meeting on election day - November 3
Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver collected Happy $$
Suzi introduced the speaker - VLR member Dick Storm.
photo credit Barry Davis
Dick worked for over 50 years in the Electric, mining, and power industry.  His engineering firm, Storm Technologies is located in North Carolina. 
He tries to inspire young people because he feels there is a disconnect between education and employers. Dick shared his wealth of knowledge about energy with us.  Total energy consumed is about 90% from heat engines: Coal plants, nuclear plants, internal combustion gas turbines, internal combustion reciprocating natural gas , Bio-mass and landfill gas burning steam plants, diesel generation.  Heat Engines are at the heart of driving the economies of both developed and developing countries.  The US Government Department of Energy keeps track of energy produced and how it is utilized - which sources and where our energy originated and how and where it is utilized. Each American citizen on average uses about 330 million BTU's per year.  There are about 100 Quadrillion BTU's total energy used per year.  It is used for Transportation (28.2%), Electricity Production (37%), Industrial Production (26.4%), Residential (11.9%), and Commercial (9.41%).   Cost of energy is a big deal.  The cost of fuel has a lot to do with the cost of electricity.  South Carolina is number 3 in the nation for nuclear power generation.  In SC, nuclear power is 56.9% of the total energy - natural gas is 23.3%, coal is 13.3%, renewables 7.4% and oil is 0.1%.  SC has 7 nuclear power units, four plants.  One third of SC electricity is consumed to make metal - steel and aluminum.  By comparison, China's capacity for steel and aluminum is more than 50% of the entire rest of the world.  Jobs in energy production are important.  Energy independence is important for National Security.  Energy = quality of life.  Follow Dick's blog:  
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Meeting Notes, October 13, 2020

The meeting was called to order by President Lynn King. She welcomed all to the meeting at the Palmera Inn & Suites as well as those attending via Zoom.
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Finance - Rotary dues have not increased, however starting October 1, we will resume including meal charges for all, in attending in person or not.  This is necessary to "help stabilize the club financially and help us engage and attract members" - Lynn King.
Kristin Keller gave an update on the raffle.  The tickets have been proofed and we should have the tickets by next Tuesday, October 20.  Members will be receiving 10 tickets each to be responsible for selling (more is encouraged). The raffle will be held on Tuesday November 24th.  
Lynn has a few of the special Rotary masks available at $10 each
Christmas Party - is a possibility and research is being done for the right venue to enjoy socially-distanced fellowship.  More info to come.
Julie Camp Tome introduced her guest - Joe Echols
Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver collected Happy $$
Suzi Oliver introduced Dr. Jean Fruh who is the Executive Director of The Outside Foundation.  She has been with Outside HH for 15 years and has served in many capacities, including: kayak and paddleboard instructor, retail manager, internship supervisor, teambuilding facilitator and guide. She created and fostered Outside Hilton Head's internal, staff-led sustainability initiative "The Green Team". She is a South Carolina Master Naturalist.
photo credit - Barry Davis
She spoke about the projects of the Foundation.  The Foundation's focus is on getting kids outside as well as protecting the environment.  The "kids in Kayaks" program's goal is to get every middle school child in Beaufort County out kayaking.  It provides education about the salt marsh.  Groups of 40 to 50 students go on a 2 hour kayak tour led by a professional guide.  This program has about 1,000 seventh graders participating in a year.  There is a "learn to paddle" program which is offered to the Boys and Girls club and this gets them out on paddle boards.  "Waterway Clean ups" is another project.  There are kayak based clean ups of the waterway as well as beach and park clean ups.  The next one is to be held on November 9 from 11am to 4pm at Shelter Cove Marina.  It is free and a great family activity.  Reservations are necessary and can be made by calling 843-686-6996.  Since 2014 over 500 volunteers have participated.  Beach cleanups are held the second Saturday of every month.   The Keep the Broad Creek Clean Water Festival is held in August.  Another project is the "Recycling Program". The community based oyster shell recycling program began 3 years ago and has been very successful and is recognized as a model program.  Currently there are 15 restaurants participating - they scrape the shells into buckets and they are picked up every Tuesday. When oysters are harvested, it is important to put the shells back in for continued oyster growth.  This year they are planning to build 5 reefs.  The 2019 HHI Oyster Fest recycled 5.8 tons of shells which were saved from land fill. By comparison the 2018 fest saved 3.7 tons from the land fill, so the results are growing.  All the shell stays here in the area.  In and hour or hour and a half 100 to 200 bags can be filled so it is a great volunteer activity.  400 bags of shell will attract 100,000 larval oysters, so it is an important effort to keep our oyster beds productive.  
You can read more about what the foundation does by visiting  
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Meeting Notes, October 6, 2020

President Lynn King welcomed everyone to the meeting held at the Island Rec Center and called the meeting to order
The prayer was offered by Kevin Courtney who also led the pledge to the flag
The board met last week, and discussed the following:   
We will continue to offer ZOOM meetings through the last quarter
Financially it is prudent to return to our normal policy of billing for meals even if you do not attend the meeting in person.  Beginning October 1 we will return to that policy
There is no word on moving back to USCB yet so our in-person meetings will continue at Palmera 
Jim Keith, assistant treasurer has requested and been granted a Leave of Absence.  Jacob Hunt has stepped up to fill that spot.
Jon Eggert, membership chair reported that over the last few months the club has lost some members and we have seen less engagement of current members. The plan is to encourage current members to re-engage, as well as put an effort into growing the club. His committee is reaching out to those that have not been in attendance, as well as trying to bring at least one new member in by the end of the year.  You do not need to be on the committee to do this, it is important for all to share Rotary with others.
We will be delivering Holiday baskets this year the Tuesdays before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We plan to deliver 50 baskets each time.
We continue to need to raise funds to meet our charitable commitments.
Kristin Keller talked about our first major fund raiser this year - a raffle. It will be the same as last year with cash prizes but more time to sell the tickets.  The goal is to raise $10,000 and all members will be given tickets to sell/buy.  The drawing will be on November 24 and be live on facebook. 
Sonny Huntley emphasized that it is important for us to attend meetings and be together.
Lynn reported that we are tentatively planning a Christmas Party perhaps an outdoor Oyster Roast - stay tuned for more information
We are also planning to have a remote meeting in November and one in December at Coastal Discovery.  Regular meetings continue at Palmera with the exception of these two.  
Frank Soule, Executive Director of the Island Rec Center was our speaker.
photo credit - Barry Davis
He expressed appreciation for the support that VanLandingham Rotary Club has given to the Rec Center.  Our contributions and financial commitment has allowed them to purchase the best equipment for the workout area.  He also said that during this time, to be CDC compliant some of the equipment had to be moved and some had to be removed to achieve the spacing required.  
January the remodeled facility celebrated their one year anniversary and also opened the playground.  Mid March because of Covid-19 all operations were closed down.  During the close, they kept working and making improvements. Since that time,  the Center has reopened with new guidelines and has seen good results- had great summer swimming program - the pool area being very successful.  In May, full day camp was opened and had great success.  The fall programs are showing that people are wanting to get back to normal activities.  The Senior Center reopened in August and started Zoom classes.  Now there are in-person classes as well and exercise classes are going well.  There still is impact in that the big events are not being held, the Turkey Trot is being limited to 500 people.  The center is also trying new things as well. The dome is not going up this year, which is a change, and hours have changed.  One new program is a fencing program - fencing is the fastest growing program in the country.  Pickleball has been playing outdoors since May. Fitness classes have continued to grow.  Basketball will be held but parents will not be allowed in the gym.  
photo credit Barry Davis
President Lynn King and President Elect Kristin Keller present a check for $40,000 to Alan Perry and Frank Soule.  This represents part of our financial pledge for the second floor of the gym which includes the walking track and fitness equipment area. You can see the walking track at the top of the photo.
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Meeting Notes, September 29, 2020

Meeting was called to order by President Lynn King
Kevin Courtney offer the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Lynn King and Suzi Oliver participated in Rotary ROCS this past weekend.  Lynn encouraged other members to participate when another one is held.  ROCS is an opportunity for Rotary members (and potential members) to do hands on service in the community. Watch for the next one.
Sunset Rotary Club is having a mini Golf Tournament
Holiday Basket delivery has been arranged with Deep Well. We will be delivering 50 baskets each time.  Save November 24 and December 22 to participate.  There will be no regular club meetings those days.
Membership needs to be a focus during this next quarter.  All members are encouraged to introduce others to Rotary.  
Rhonda Lowther, an assessor for the Council on Aging was the speaker. She is a retired RT who went back to work for the Lowcountry Council of Governments Area Agency on Aging in the Aging & Disability Resource Center. 
photo credit Barry Davis
The state of SC has an amazing program for people over 60 years old.  It is designed to help seniors stay at home and is need based. the Area Agency covers Hampton, Jasper, Beaufort and Colleton counties. They cover a variety of needs and provide services such as Meals on Wheels, personal care aids, home maker aids (simple household chores).  In the last 3 months there has been an increased need because of people pulling their senior family members out of facilities because of COVID-19.  One program has a whole team of people who help senior understand the October open enrollment for medicare.  Another program provides funds to make safety improvements in the home, such as ramps and railings.  There are many programs available and some of the services have waiting lists because of the increased number of people that have come out of facilities.  Volume has increased almost triple.  
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Meeting Notes, September 22, 2020

President Lynn King called the meeting to order.
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Saturday September 26 is Rotary ROCS.  Hands on service projects at four locations. Hope more people will sign up.
October 6 our meeting will be held at the Island Rec Center.  We will be presenting them with our 2020 contribution towards our commitment.  Meeting will be held in the spacious gym with social distancing.
Brian Newman has set up for us to do our annual holiday basket devliveries.  Dates are November 24 and December 22.  There will be no regular club meetings on those days. 
News:  the hot water heater was sold, with funds going to the CART Fund. Greg Wynn got a hair cut and John Farrenkopf is going to.  
Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver collected Happy $$
Suzi Oliver introduced our speaker J.T. Coyne who presented information about Adaptive Golf.
photo credit - Barry Davis
J. T., a retired Navy Captain, is a past president of his Rotary club prior to moving to this area. He had a hand injury which prevented him from playing golf. He was introduced to Adaptive Golf at Parris Island and after not being able to play for twelve years, he was able to play again.  The mission of Adaptive Golf is "To help those with disabilities discover their abilities through the therapeutic activities of Adaptive Golf".  It has been around this area since 2014 and helps those with spinal chord injuries, amputation, difficulty standing.  It helps to not only strengthen muscles, but helps pyschologically as well.  It gets people back to the game of life.  The organization is always looking for volunteers (they will be trained) and donors.  Monthly workshops are run by golf professionals and physical therapists with doctors and nurses involved as well. The workshops are free and open to civilians, veterans, and active military. Specialized equipment is used, like a special chair which allows the golfer to go around the course, and assists in standing.  Special clubs and grips are also used. Many golfers require a full time assistant (volunteers do that) but some only need adaptive golf temporarily and "graduate" to regular golf eventually.  Last workshop there were 50 participants.  The most common injury is stroke, where one side is weaker than the other..  The workshops are free with most funding coming from an annual tournament.  The last one, scheduled for March had to be cancelled.  They are going to have a November event, volunteer appreciation limited to 24 people and 3 holes.  Right now the hours that they can use the base golf course has been limited to 8am to 1 pm.   Workshops are the 3rd Saturday of the month at Parris Island.  The organization is trying to have adaptive golf included in the Olympics, with grouping by type of injury.  It is great to see individuals improve and enjoy this sport.  
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Meeting Notes, September 15, 2020

President Lynn King called the meeting to order
Bruce Yeager offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag (great job on the spot, Bruce) 
The speaker scheduled for today had an accident and will not be able to be here
Rotary ROCS - will be held on Saturday September 26 on Hilton Head Island. There are four venues for the projects, all of which will be outdoors.  Masks will be required.  The link to sign up is   President Lynn will be sending out a separate email.
Island Rec Center - Frank Soule is our speaker at the October 6 meeting. At that time we will be presenting him a check towards our commitment to the Center.  Stay tuned as we may meet at the Rec Center on that day.
Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver collected Happy $$.  Reminder that our Happy $$ contributions go to CART.
Discussion on the need to raise funds.  Looking for ideas from all
The board has discussed and feels that in these times a raffle works well. Kristin Keller reported that last year our raffle raised $10,000.  This year want to do a couple raffles. This year sill have a longer time to sell the tickets and want to have social media sales as well.  Can't do trips, so a cash raffle works better.  Jim Keith suggested to encourage the Rec Center to participate in selling tickets since they are the recipient.  Also a possibility to get sponsors for the raffle, but need to figure out what value we can give to the sponsors - like a commercial on facebook or instagram.  Other suggestions included a golf fund raiser and a virtual event (similar to the triathalon done by Memory Matters where they raised $25,000)
Filling in for the speaker, Suzi Oliver presented a history of Rotary International.  Suzi presented many interesting personal facts about Paul Harris, like he lived with his grand parents and his grand father was a great influence on his life.  Did you know that Paul met a woman on a hike and eventually married her? He also had many occupations prior to the one we are all familiar with.  The first meeting was held February 23, 1905 and in 1907 the first service project - a public comfort station. In 1910 PH met his wife, 1911, the motto "Service Above Self" was introduced.  By 1912 there were 50 clubs and growing. In 1914 spouses could participate in the "Rotary Anns" because women were not allowed in Rotary until 1987.  1932 the Four Way Test was introduced, Friendship trees was started and the Rotary wheel was amended.  There were 5,000 clubs in 1939. Did you know that on July 20, 1969 The Four Way Test was planted on the moon? 
Great presentation of Rotary trivia - thanks Suzi.
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Meeting Notes, September 8, 2020

President Lynn King called the HYBRID meeting to order at the Palmera Inn & Suites
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Area 4 Assistant Governor, Dot Jeger was on hand to present the District Grant check to the Club.
photo credit Barry Davis
Assistant treasurer Jim Keith accepted the check which will be used to repay the club for a portion of the monies spent on the Rotary Relief Project.  Member Greg Wynn had suggested the project, to establish a Rotary Relief Fund, which allowed us to provide gift cards from Piggly Wiggly to those in need because of COVID-19.  John Farrenkopf administered the project.  District grants are funded by money which is donated to The Rotary Foundation and some of which comes back to the District three years later.  
Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver collected Happy $$
President Lynn encouraged attendees to look around, see who is missing and to reach out to them to encourage them to attend meetings.  
Suzi Oliver introduced our speakers - Lynn and Cele Seldon.
photo credit Barry Davis
The Seldons, Lynn and Cele are travel journalists and have been for over 25 years. Their books "100 Things to do in Charleston Before You Die" and "100 Things to do in Savannah Before You Die" are guides to our closest cities.  They have traveled to seven continents and focus primarily (but not exclusively) on culinary travel and cruise ship travel in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, Alaska, Europe and cruise ship destinations. They love what they do. Lynn developed an interest in travel and writing about it  32 years ago while in the Army in Germany. He began writing for the Stars & Stripes. He writes  for newspapers, magazines, including Southern Living. Cele joined Lynn in the business 19 years ago after leaving a corporate job at AT&T. They both write and edit and Cele also does marketing and research.  The second edition of "100 things to do in Charleston Before You Die" came out in March 2020 and contains many updates.  The Charleston and Savannah book are broken down into five sections: Sports and Recreation; Food and Drink; Music and Entertainment; Culture; Fashion and Shopping.  Lynn writes fiction now, having been mentored by Pat Conroy.  His first novel, written in 2014 is "Virginia's Ring". They gave tips on touring during these COVID-19 times, with suggesting that it is best to call ahead to see if venues are open, rules and times of operation, outdoor  activities are good like Savannah Wildlife.  Most of Savannah restaurants are open in some way. Their favorite restaurant in Savannah is The Grey, with Squirrels having the best pizza in the southeast.  They may do a book on Hilton Head Island and surrounding area including Bluffton and Daufuski Island.  You can visit their website at: 
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Meeting Notes, September 1, 2020

President Lynn King called the meeting to order.
Creighton Stuckart has confirmed a trash pick up partnering with Outside Hilton Head at Pinckney Island. This great opportunity to participate in a service project will take place on September 13. Watch for more information .
Cory Maphrus is going to check on opportunities to clean up the school campus
Rotary ROCS will be held on the morning of Saturday September 26. Watch for more information and sign up for a great way to help the community. 
There were $45 of Happy Dollars collected.
Suzi Oliver introduced our speaker Senator Tom Davis.  Senator Davis resides in Beaufort. He graduated from Furman in 1982 Magna Cum Laude and the University of Maryland School of Law in 1985.  He was elected state senator in 2008 and to a second and third four year term.  He is married and has three children.
This was the first in-person speech that Senator Davis has given since March.  He left general session in March. A budget wasn't passed in May, but on September 15 the budget will be debated.
The last six years he has been advocating for the use of medical marijuana.  He spoke of the use of a strain of cannabis, Charlottes Web and its efficacy with epileptic seizures. In 2014 he drafted a bill which opened the door to use cannabis to epileptic patients. He also explained how its use affects the body and addresses the underlying causes of the illness.  He is following up on the 2014 bill , focusing on the medical conditions that it helps.  It is a challenge because South Carolina is a conservative state.  The bill likely will wait until January.  There are thirty four states that have authorized medical cannabis.  Senator Davis believes that in addition to epilepsy, PTSD is another medical condition that would derive benefit from it.  Hopes are that South Carolina can be a model for other state in this area.
The Corona Virus has evolved over the last six months. Ever since March Senator Davis has been involved with the COVID committee.  Starting in ernest in June there have been twelve mass testing events.  Some held by DHEC, others by local hospitals.  The average people tested at a single event is 750 to 1,000. A new testing method has been very promising- a saliva test.  USC tests large amounts of students a day and this method has proven to be reliable and results are gotten quickly.  The state is looking at the success of USC and are going to take this testing all over the state.  Testing serves: 1. Want to have schools open. By ramping up with the saliva test this will help this goal.  2. It is important for businesses. There is a fear that they will be sued, liability insurance doesn't cover pandemics. The easy saliva tests allow them to test employees getting results quickly, able to isolate employees and protect the business. 3. It also helps keep the demand down for hospital beds and buys time until a vaccine is developed. 
He also briefly spoke of the 278 bridge project and its financing and benefits for the area.  
Hurricane evacuation is another area that special considerations may have to be taken because of COVID
Senator Davis does not see South Carolina going to a mass mail in election.  He believes it will be safe for all to vote in person on election day, but for those that wish and have reason, can use the absentee ballot method.  Last May, COVID =19 was added as a reason to request and absentee ballot and he believes it will also be a valid reason for the November election. Absentee ballot requires request, identity and witness so it is safer that mail in ballots which are sent out to all. We do not have the infrastructure in place to handle mail in voting.  A suggestion was to have extended time available at the polls on election day (or days) which may be something to consider.  
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Meeting Notes, August 25, 2020

Meeting was a HYBRID meeting with the District Governor, Assistant Governor, and some members attending on ZOOM while other members (10) attended in person at the Palmera Inn & Suites.
President Lynn King presided over the meeting. She announced that USCB will not be having guests on campus at least to October 1. We will continue to meet at Palmera Inn & Suites, which has worked well and all that have met there like it.  Our appreciation to Palmera Inn & Suites.
Lynn introduced Assistant Governor Dot Jeger.
AG Dot introduced District Governor Pauline Levesque who is a member of the Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach. She has been a Rotarian for over 30 years with an impressive Rotary bio.
Pauline talked about the long term goals of Rotary International, strategic plan and mission statement. She said that RI President Holger Knaack emphasizes that the clubs need to "increase our ability to adapt" in this current world situation.  The challenge of attracting and bringing in new members and thoughts of moving to new types of meetings, as well as how to adapt for people's work schedules.  New types of meetings - like HYBRID ZOOM are popular.  Another aspect is how to be creative with fundraising.  There is a new club - a ZOOM club.  She emphasized the need to review a strategic plan.
The District has taken steps to try to keep Rotarians engaged by creating CWRAP meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Wednesday is the district all club meeting where all are welcome to attend.  Third Thursday is Happy Hour with no formal program, just an opportunity to meet other Rotarians to chat and connect with them.
This year is the "Year of Millions" - three different focuses
1. Meal packing - "feed 10 million" - Last year Zone 33 (we are in Zone 33) exceeded 10 million meals and that is our goal.  Bob Gross will help clubs quantify what they are doing - for their own benefit and to qualify for grants.  Pauline is asking every club to do a "blessing box" project.  This is something that the community can also join in and support.  Visit the town to find out a good place to place one.  The Foundation turned around a distribution of 25 million for COVID. Jennifer Jones did a marathon and raised $600,000.  Our area submitted for a grant for $25,000 which was divided among several worthly charitable organizations.  The need for food is great.
2. Polio exceeded $1,000,000.  Polio vaccine distribution was impacted by the pandemic, but they will be back soon.
3.  Million Dollar Campaign - emphasis on raising a million dollars through contributions made by individuals who want to leave a legacy by supporting the Rotary Foundation.  There are various levels of giving that qualify Rotarians to join this campaign. It can be through major gifts giving or benefactor gifts.   Contact PDG Bernie Riedel for specifics.  
DG Pauline spoke about the Paul Allen Ten Star program.  Paul passed away this past year, a great Rotarian with a heart for membership.  There are 22 items that are required to be a Ten Star Rotarian.
There was to be a video, however it will be emailed out.
Pauline emphasized the need to develop a strategy to deal with COVID-19.  "Rotary Opens Opportunities".  Pauline referred to this year's logo.  Doors open the first time you are asked to join Rotary.  It is our job to keep the doors open.  Opportunities to help neighbors and invite others to join.  Every time you help someone else you open the door for them.  Think about your own personal walk through the doors and how to help others.
DG Pauline, while attending club meetings via ZOOM for the time being, hopes to visit all the clubs in the district in 2021 between April and June.  
The Club will meet next week - September 1 speaker is Senator Tom Davis- and weekly thereafter until further notice.  Meetings will be HYBRID with ZOOM and Palmera Inn & Suites being the meeting place.  
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Member Jon Eggert -in the news

At the August 11 meeting, member Jon Eggert shared with the club that he was married on August 1.  That in itself is not such an unusual announcement, but the fact that the wedding date had to be changed so many times is. Theirs is an amazing story that the Island Packet has documented.  Four wedding dates, changes that all were things beyond Jon and his lovely bride Shannon's control, but success at last!
Check out the great story -
Congratulations and best wishes to the newly weds, Jon and Shannon Eggert 
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Meeting Notes, August 11, 2020

The Tuesday August 11, 2020 meeting was held at Palmera Inn & Suites.  A HYBRID meeting, there were 13 plus speaker in attendance at the Inn and 8 members on Zoom.  
The meeting was called to order by President Lynn King at 8:06
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Still on hold with USCB.  We will continue to meet at Palmera Inn & Suites for the time being
There will be NO MEETING next week - August 18.  The following week, August 25 we will meet and the District Governor Pauline Levesque will be visiting us via Zoom.  Please plan on attending on August 25 to hear the District Governor's message.
The website has been updated with speakers through September. We have some interesting programs coming up that you won't want to miss.
Happy $$ returns - We had great participation from both those attending the meeting in person and members on Zoom.  Monies raised by Happy $$ benefits CART.
Suzi Oliver introduced our speaker Tom Dunn. Tom is Emergency Management Coordinator of the Town of Hilton Head Island.  He covered two aspects of the town's current challenges: the 2020 Hurricane Season and COVID-19.
Hurricane Season - he gave the statistics from last year. 
Named storms forcast - 14, actual 18
Major storms forcast - 2, actual 3.  
He uses forcasts from the National Hurricane center as well as from Colorado State which he feels is more accurate.  This years predictions have already been increased and anticipation is that it will be an active year.
The categories of hurricanes which all are familiar with only apply to wind and does not cover potential water involvement.  Tom shared a storm surge graphic.
The EOC hiarchy structure puts the town of HH EOC at the bottom of the chain under State EOC and Beaufort County EOC.
Primary EOC under renovation, held virtual meetings, opened alternate EOC on March 17, Closed alternate EOC on May 11, Recovery plan activate on May 4, Recovery Action Plan August 2, Dispatch Occupying EOC until 8/11.  EOC is back and fully functional.
The four areas of EOC are: Operation, planning, logistics, and finance
The plans section: for hurricanes, have a daily plan - EVERY DAY they plan for the next day.  For COVID-19 plan weekly 
The Logistics section - already have a lot in place because of previous hurricane experience.  For COVID-19, 5 - 6 people spent every day to try to find the masks, gowns, gloves, etc. that were anticipated to be needed.
Safety in the fire station:
Screening process and temp checks; Screen, temp checks, boot covers, and masks for contrators; no visitors; no boots in station; removed personal laundry; wear masks in the station
Safety on calls:
response changes; develop PPE use guidance; negative pressure for ambulance (use when nebulizer in use); Guides and videos of PPE and new equipment use;  shower trailer at the hospital; maintaining PPE levels; 
Support at community testing:
There were five events that were supported which took place at HH middle school, Lady's Island, and Bluffton.  Events were logistically heavy.
You can watch EOC meetings on You tube
He also talked about the app - Pulse Point  Learn CPR and get the app
EOC has gotten several designations: Storm Ready; Tsunami Ready; and Hurricane Strong
Members had many good questions for Tom
Time it takes to get COVID test result back - varies from 48 hours to 4 days depending on the surge of testing
How are results given - negative - text, postive - phone call
Hurricane activity is cyclical.
Thank you Tom Dunn for an informative and timely presentation
Next meeting - August 25, District 7770 Governor Pauline Levesque visit
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VLR August 2020 Meetings

There will be two HYBRID meetings during August.  Please attend in person - at Palmera Inn & Suites on Tuesday August 11 and Tuesday August 25 OR attend via ZOOM (Greg Wynn has furnished the ZOOM link)  There will be a speaker (TBA) for August 11 and August 25 is the District Governor Visit.  DG Pauline Levesque will "visit" on August 25 and you will not want to miss the meeting.  
There are more Rotary opportunities via ZOOM with every Wednesday being a district all club meeting, always with a great speaker and Mondays and Fridays CWRAP meetings.  Check your email for communications from Mary Gasque to connect to these meetings.  
Apologies that we haven't had photos included in the newsletters.  There is a problem interfacing with the software which causes the images to be displayed in a rotated position.  As soon as that is all resolved, there will be a special newsletter including all the images that you have missed.  Thanks for your patience.  
See you at the August meetings.  
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Meeting July 28, 2020

July 28 meeting was held at Palmera Inn & Suites at 8:00 am. It was a HYBRID meeting with 13 members attending in person and 10 members attending via ZOOM.
President Lynn King called the meeting to order. 
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag.
USCB - awaiting more information - still operating that the first Tuesday after Labor Day will be the earliest we can meet there.  Suzi Oliver stated that the school is doing a 1/3 rule and that it is not looking good to get back to USCB, might just do coffee.
President Lynn asked Dave Pierce to update us on what he has been doing.  He moved a month ago from Palmetto Hall to the Cypress.  Good to see you Dave.
PHF Presentation - Foundation Chair, Greg Wynn recognized Dick Storm by presenting him with his Paul Harris Fellow +3.  Thank you, Dick for your support of our charity, the Rotary Foundation.
Dick offered a few comments.
This morning's speaker was Assistant Town Manager Josh Gruber.  
The first time he spoke to us he talked about the 278 corridor.  He began by updating us on this project.  It is a $240,000,000 project which covers the area between Moss Creek to Squire Pope Road.  It is now fully funded with $120 million state grant approved; $80 million local; and $40 million SC DOT.  They are still in the middle of looking at the area it will be going. DOT and contractors have narrowed it down to a preferred alternative  and will present it to Town Council then there will be opportunity to comment.  A third party is being considered to do a peer review and want to confirm that it is the best alternative.  Being fully funded has the advantage that we can apply for Federal funding.
The Town's continued response to COVID-19 -  Still in Phase 2.  The Town is open for business but must have an appointment.  There is concern about large groups gathering so no Special Events are being approved.  The CDC does not recommend groups larger than 10.  Coligny Celebrations Park is on time and on budget.  Since large gatherings are not approved, there will be a soft opening (beginning of October) and the public will be able to start to use it.  The playground and rest rooms will be the first to open.
Operating under emergency ordinance, and Beaufort Country being labeled a "high transmission" area, the mask ordinance will probably be extended another 60 days.
School is scheduled to start September 8 to buy time for the numbers to go down. If going to do virtual schooling it will be different. It will be much more like a virtual class room, more organized.  Challenge is that not all students have internet access.  The majority of the island has high speed, but rural areas do not.
The Town is finishing Comprehensive Plan - projects for the next ten years - will set the tone for the the island.
The value of real property is going up, business license revenue is expected to go down, and probably have a 5% impact. Won't know the impact of current conditions on business until business licenses come up for renewal.  Fourteen restaurants have closed between March and now, however there is more spending at grocery stores.
According to DHEC, while there are significant increases in positive cases of COVID, there is not that large an increase in hospitalization.
Hurricane season - it is a significant challenge to plan to a possible storm/evacuation.  The closest shelter when leaving is in Jasper County and it will not be able to take as many people.
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VLR Newsletter July 21, 2020

First Meeting of 2020-2021 Rotary Year was held at Palmera Inn & Suites at 8:00 am.  with a grab and go breakfast and Starbucks coffee. It was a HYBRID meeting with 11 people attending in person and 9 members on Zoom.
President Lynn King called the meeting to order.
A prayer and pledge to the flag opened the meeting.
USCB our normal meeting venue will not be available until after Labor Day.  The first time we may be able to meet there would be the first tuesday after Labor Day.  The board will convene next week so we will know more then.
Sonny Huntley provided comments about the recent Scholarship process.  This year being different since interviews were conducted via internet.  There were five wonderful, poised, smart, thoughtful students who applied (all girls).  The recipient, Olivia Waters is a great choice. Initially there were three applicants (ironically Olivia was the first) and then the deadline was extended and we got two more.  Olivia is going to go to USC.  One scholarship winner (last year) is not going back to school.  President Lynn thanked those who worked on the scholarship committee for their excellent work: Bev James, Lauri Davis, and Sonny Huntley.
Kristin Keller gave an update on the auction.  Question was posed if there would be a second auction.  No, there is not enough to auction and this is possibly not the right time to have one.
Lynn reported that all the clubs are being faced with fundraising challenges because of the current situation.
Membership is another area that is challenged by the times.  Jon Eggert is going to be the membership chair this year.  
Assistant Governor Dot Jeger, a member of the Bluffton Rotary Club, was on hand to induct the officers and board for this year
She inducted President Lynn King first.  Lynn then introduced the rest of the officers and directors. The are:
President Elect - Kristin Keller; Past President-Steve Stauffer; Treasurer- John Farrenkopf; Asst. Treasurer - Jim Keith; Secretary - Nancy Riedel; Foundation Chair - Greg Wynn; Membership Chair - Jon Eggert; Directors - Cory Malphrus, Creighton Stuckart, Jacob Hunt; Sergeant at Arms - Suzi Oliver. 
Next step will be to convene as a board and get committees together. 
Lynn thanked John Farrenkopt for his work on the Rotary Relief Fund - final figure $14,500.  We still can accept donations for this cause.  Thanks also to Greg Wynn who was also involved and delivered the gift cards to Deep Well.  
Thanks also Greg for setting up the Zoom meetings.
Don't forget about the District's weekly "all club" Zoom meetings which are on Wednesdays at noon.  Also you won't want to miss some of the great speakers at the CWRAP meetings on Monday and Friday at 11:00.   Speakers for the rest of July are: July 27 - Deborah DePaoli, Save the Children Action Network; July 29 - PDG Tiffany Erwin, Rotary Geek; July 31 - Ahmad Elzoghby, Cross Egypt Challenge.  
See y'all Tuesday July 28, with Speaker Josh Gruber, Asst. Town Manager and VLR member with Town Talk updates.  This will be a HYBRID meeting so look for Zoom info if that is your preferred mode of attendance.    
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Newsletter June 30, 2020

President Lynn King opened the meeting.
Members observed a few moments of silent meditation followed by the pledge to the flag, led by Sonny Huntley
Lynn thanked those who are rotating off the board - Julie Camp-Tome, Chuck Wiseman, Jim Dixon and Alicia Powell
Bev James announced the scholarship winner - a very deserving student, Olivia Waters.  Sonny and Bev conducted the interview process.
John Farrenkopf, Treasurer, reported that a total of $14,500 in gift cards were given to Deep Well for distribution.  The cards which are for food purchases are a result of out Rotary Relief fund raiser and the District 7770 Covid-19 Grant.  
While we have not been meeting, leadership have been busy closing out the old year and preparing for the new Rotary year starting July 1.  Some have attended Zoom or virtual training sessions.  Our club has completed the child protection form making sure all our members are approved to work with children.  The Area4 Presidents met four weeks ago to discuss plans.  Sunset is the only club that has been able to meet in person, with the other club's having difficulties because of our venues.  The concept of "hybrid" meetings has been developed, where those who wish, meet at a designated venue and the meeting is also available on Zoom.
USCB is not going to open the campus until the last week in August.  When our meetings do resume, breakfast will not be served as a buffet.  Options are still being discussed.
Save the date - July 14 we will have a Hybrid meeting.  New officers and board will be inducted.  More details to follow
Currently District attendance requirements are waived.  
Each Wednesday the District will have an "all club" Rotary meeting in place of the normally scheduled C-Wrap.  This is for any clubs that are not currently meeting in person or virtually on a regular basis.  You should get email notice of C-Wraps (Monday and Friday are still regular C-Wrap meetings) with directions how to link in.  
District Governor Pauline Levesque (2020-2021) will begin the new year by making her club visits via Zoom.  She still wants to visit each club personally and will do so as soon as it becomes safer.  
About 20 members were in attendance at our "What's Up, VLR" meeting and shared updates on what is happening with them.  
Bottom line, it was great to see so many and hope that we can get back to normal soon!
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Van Landingham Rotary Club enjoys a beautiful venue for our weekly meetings.  Since January 2020, our breakfast meetings each Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM have been held at the USCB-HHI campus, One Sandshark Drive, just off Pope Avenue. on the Island's southend. The hospitality shown to our Club by the leadership at USCB-HHI has been heartwarming and their efforts to put forth outstanding food and beverage service have been most welcomed by our members.
However, COVID-19 has caused our meetings to be suspended since the middle of March.  In addition to the guidelines for public safety set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), DHEC (Dept of Health and Environmental Control) and regional and local leaders, public gathering were suspended and as of June 1 parameters still exist with regards to safe public distancing and public gatherings. 
In addition, the University of South Carolina system is still working to establish when their campuses, including USCB-HHI,  will re-open to the public.
We hope to have some guidance and information to be able to make decisions in June with regards to reviving our weekly meetings to coincide with the NEW Rotary year 2020-2021 which begins July 1st. 
Stay tuned and until then - stay safe and Be Smart - Stay Six Feet Apart!


Van Landingham Rotary Club enjoys a beautiful venue for our weekly meetings.  Since January 2020, our breakfast meetings each Tuesday morning at 8:00 AM have been held at the USCB-HHI campus, One Sandshark Drive, just off Pope Avenue. on the Island's southend. The hospitality shown to our Club by the leadership at USCB-HHI has been heartwarming and their efforts to put forth outstanding food and beverage service have been more welcomed.
However, COVID-19 has caused our meetings to be suspended since the middle of March.  In addition to the guidelines for public safety set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), DHEC (Dept of Health and Environmental Control) and regional and local leaders, public gathering were suspended and as of June 1 parameters still exist with regards to safe public distancing and public gatherings. 
In addition, the University of South Carolina system is still working to establish when their campuses, including USCB-HHI,  will re-open to the public.
We hope to have some guidance and information to be able to make decisions in June with regards to reviving our weekly meetings to coincide with the NEW Rotary year 2020-2021 which begins July 1st. 
Stay tuned and until then - stay safe and Be Smart - Stay Six Feet Apart!

Meeting Notes May 22, 2018

Posted by Nancy Riedel on May 22, 2018
President Ben called the off-site meeting to order at the Coastal Discovery Museum.  VLR provided  monies to start the Discovery Lab on the Museum property and will have a tour of the facilities after the breakfast and meeting.
Otto Ferrene offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Tim Ridge circulated sign up sheets for Founder's Night which will be held Saturday June 23 at Shipyard.
There will be a joint board meeting (outgoing board and incoming board) on June 19th
Thank you Lynn King for arranging the food for this meeting and Jennifer Stupica for arranging the room
Sergeant at Arms, Chuck Wiseman collected Happy $
Rex Garniewicz, President and CEO of the Coastal Discovery Museum was introduced by Jennifer Stupica who is an employee of the Museum.  Rex gave a history of the museum which was founded in 1985 and was located at two separate locations prior to its move to Honey Horn in 2007. Honey Horn, a historical property was purchased by the town in 1990.  Pictures from long ago show that there were not many trees, but much has grown up over the years. The property contained several historical buildings which have been restored.  The new mission and vision of the museum is: The Coastal Discovery Museum inspires people to care for the Lowcountry.  When Rex came to the museum, the "Supervisor's House" was in very bad shape.  In January 2015 he provided a program to VLR which made the club aware of the needs and the desire to renovate the house, which led to VLR making a donation to help make the Discovery Lab a realization.  The Discovery Lab opened September 29, 2016 right before Hurricane Matthew hit.  The Lab made it through the hurricane, but Rex's house was destroyed.  Access to the lab was limited for quite a while because the Honey Horn property was used to grind up the island's fallen trees and was full of large equipment.  Since that time, more and more programs have been added, with the lab providing a multitude of learning experiences.  The museum, in spite of being a small museum, has been named a Smithsonian Affliliate because of the unique programs that are offered, based on our island location.  Rex named many of the popular programs and some of the exciting up coming summer programs.  There are currently forty programs per week!!

Rex gave a tour of the Discovery Lab and provided many fascinating facts.  For more information  about the Coastal Discovery Museum and all the wonderful features and programs that it offers, visit: 
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High School Clean Up

Posted by Nancy Riedel on May 22, 2018
On a recent Saturday Morning some members of the VanLandingham Rotary club gathered at Hilton Head Island High School to get the grounds in order for graduation.  
Rotary in action !
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A tribute to Jennifer DeHart

Posted by Barry Davis on Mar 15, 2018
Alright! In case you were not in attendance last Tuesday, you missed a nice tribute to Jennifer DeHart (Leaving soon for a promotion to Fidelity's Jacksonville office. We don't want to keep you in a state of perpetual disappointment so here is a replay of the tribute. Thanks to Ronzo for editing this short video. Alrighty?
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Meeting Notes, July 18, 2017

Posted by Nancy Riedel on Jul 18, 2017
8:00 Opening Bell
8:10 President Ben called the meeting to order
Brian Goode offered the prayer and led the pledge
President Ben announced that this is a club assembly and will be passing out sign up sheets for the various committees.  Two committees need chair people - Vocational Service and International Service

John Farrenkopf reported on the successful social event on July 12.  Members, family and friends boarded a bus at the high school and left at 4:15 to see a Savannah Bananas game.
Thanks to Ray Makalous for arranging the trip and to John Farrenkopf for arranging the refreshments en-route.
All had a great time.  Check out all the photos in the photo gallery on the left.  Photos are courtesy of Ray Makalous, Ivan Bennett and Barry Davis.  
Ben handed out sign up sheets for the following committees - chair is listed following:  Social - John Farrenkopf; Membership - John Carroll; Program - Chuck Wiseman; PR - Lynn King; Vocational Service - needs one; Auction - Kristen Kelly/Matt Murphy; Popcorn - David Pierce; Heritage - Alicia Taylor/Matt Murphy; Service - Maxine Parsons-Kogut; International Service - needs one; Scholarship - Ivan Bennett; Youth Programs - Ivan Bennett  There is still time to volunteer for various committees, so if you didn't get a chance to sign up today, let Ben know how you would like to be involved. 
Sgt. at Arms Chuck Wiseman introduced visiting Rotarians, collected Happy$, and told a "bad joke of the day".  He also introduced a new feature "Rotary Karaoke" featuring the voices of Ben, Jennifer, John Farrenkopf and John Meyer. 
Visiting Rotarians: Richard Rorschadte and Ken Nykiel
Ben spoke of the good works that the VLRC has done over the past year and the fact that it has donated over $140,000 to local charities.  He named many of the recipients of our efforts.  
Barry Davis, web master was our speaker today.  He relayed to the members that our website has a new design - a clean, modern look and the reviews have been favorable.  
He explained how to use the email function in ClubRunner - which makes it easy for you to email any of the members.  He also showed how to look at and print the club directory which is always a handy tool.  All members are encouraged to login and check their profile information and make any updates as needed.  If you have forgotten your password, contact Barry
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Become a Friend of VanLandingham Rotary on Facebook Barry Davis 2017-07-14 04:00:00Z 0

Friends of VLR

Posted by Barry Davis on Jul 14, 2017

We would like to send our weekly bulletin to friends and visiting Rotarians, and to that end we are inviting those interested in receiving
club news to provide an email address. Forms are available at the check-in desk at every meeting. You can also sign up at the bottom of the home page or click the Subscribe button at the top of each bulletin.
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Meeting Notes, July 11, 2017

Posted by Nancy Riedel on Jul 11, 2017
8:00 Opening Bell
8:10 Past President Brian Neumann, filling in for Club President Ben Shelton, called the meeting to order.
Nasser Shaheen offered the prayer and led the pledge.
Ivan Bennett reported on the sign ups that have been gotten thus far for the Rotary Reader program.  Remember that spouses are welcome to volunteer as well.  If you have questions or wish to sign up see Ivan.
John Carroll, who is the new membership committee chair, shared that there will be three areas of focus for the new year.  They are: Recruitment; Less involved becoming more involved; and Engagement satisfaction.  If you have suggestions, please contact John.
Tomorrow, Wednesday July 12, is the Savannah Bananas event.  It is a double header but probably will only be staying for the first game.  The bus will leave at 4:15 from the baseball field at the high school.  There is still time to sign up.  There are 33 going, but there is room for more. Cost is $15 per person which includes tickets, snacks and transportation.  
Next week, Tuesday July 18 the meeting will be a Club Assembly.  There is also a board meeting at night at the Hickory Tavern.
Tim Ridge reported that Roger Burns fell last Friday and broke his femur.  He is now at MUSC where a successful surgery was performed.   Roger is up and about and in good spirits. He will be at MUSC for a few days yet before returning home. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
New Sgt. at Arms Chuck Wiseman started off the year by introducing visiting Rotarians, announcing important milestones, collecting Happy $, and telling a "bad joke of the day".

Visiting Rotarians: Dick Blankenbeher (North Little Rock); Richard Rorschadte (Kilgore TX); Jackie Minotas (Cleveland, Ohio)
Birthdays: Ron Dziekan, Mike Davis, Brian Goode, Lynn King
Anniversaries: Mike and Jeanette Davis
Rotary Anniversaries: Neil Castelland (4), Otto Ferrene (34), Jim Rowe (34), Bob Jones (2)
Special Agent George E Graves, Jr. from the FBI  Columbia Field Office was our speaker.  He is a twenty one year veteran with the FBI and is assigned to the Columbia Field Office, Hilton Head Resident Agency.  He is a native of New Jersey and has conducted complex white collar crime investigations, which included public corruption, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, health care fraud and civil rights. Special Agent Graves has investigative responsibility and Beaufort, Jasper, and Hampton Counties.

An expert on fraud,  Special Agent Graves began by putting $5 in Happy$ because he said these days he is happy "just to be invited anywhere".  He has spent most of his career working on fraud and spoke of how technology has contributed to the crime of fraud.  He gave several examples of scams, particularly related to our area, as well as some "red flags" that you should watch out for.
One scam is the IRS scam - a phone call is made telling you that your taxes have not been paid and unless you pay them you will be arrested.  First red flag is, the IRS would not make this accusation over the phone.  They would come to your door and make the charge. Second red flag is they will tell you to make payment by using a "green dot" card.  This is a card that you put money on and they will be able to get the money when you give them the number.  Not traceable to them.  Another red flag is if they ask for you to wire the money via Western Union - money gram.  If you get a phone call from the IRS - don't panic - that is not how they do business.
Another local scam which took place 2015-16 was the "jury Duty Scan".  Again a phone call telling you that you missed jury duty and need to pay the fine.  This particular scam was being pulled off by inmates at a correctional facility in Georgia.  Several correctional officers smuggled smart phones into the inmates who then extracted real names of law enforcement and judges in the lowcountry and used this information to attempt to get payments wired to them.  Many were arrested in this case and it involved hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Another scam locally was an online dating scam, dubbed the "lonely heart romance scam".  The perpetrator created a profile on a dating site, and for months developed a relationship with a wealthy lady.  After gaining her trust, he told her about a business venture that he had needing money.  He asked her to wire money to a third party (again a red flag).  Several payments were made to him totally almost a half a million.  After his guilt was revealed to the lady she found it difficult to believe.  
Realtors and lawyers are another target for scammers.  A phony email page will be sent to the business, with an appealing service or something related to business.  When the link to the "information" is followed, malware is introduced and the frauder captures the email and begins monitoring email traffic.  Eventually will take over the account at an opportune time to change links to forward payments to.  Hundreds of thousand of dollars have been scammed in this way.  Always DOUBLE CHECK who the emails are coming from (every single character in the email) before following payment information.
Some tips from Special Agent George Graves:
Don't respond to account requests to update information 
Change passwords regularly
When traveling, do not use kiosks to check bank account or enter other login information
Be aware that skimmers often attempt to get your info when you are charging a purchase at gas pump
Credit cards offer more protection than debit cards
Watch for the red flags : Green dot cards, request to wire money, request to send money to third party
Phone call (fraudsters use phones that cannot be tied back to them
Lots of great information -  be aware!
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