Meeting Notes, March 10, 2020

photo credit Barry Davis
The speaker today gave us information about the Technical College of the Lowcountry.  It has over 4,000 students enrolled annually in both credit and non credit programs.  Of those 30 % attend full time. The breakdown is 68% are female, 50% white, 30% African American and 10% Hispanic.  The college has served 85,000 students since 1968. Only 24% go on to 4 year programs, with most all of them prepared to enter the work force.  The newest announcement at TLC is the creation of The Culinary College.  
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The Board of Van Landingham Rotary convened this week and unanimously decided to suspend our Tuesday morning meetings for the next two weeks. 
There will be NO MEETINGS on Tuesday, March 17 or March 24 and further notices will be given if deemed necessary. The USCB-HHI campus will also be closed for an additional spring break and we will monitor their continued decisions as well.. This Board decision was made with respect to an abundance of precautions being taken over growing concerns of COVID19 in the Lowcountry and the recommendations from CDC and local/regional/state health authorities.  
Area Rotary Club presidents are also in communication and it appears they are expected to take similar actions with their Club meetings. 
Regarding the upcoming RISE AGAINST HUNGER event, and at the urging of the Area Club Presidents, AG Dot Jeger is spearheading efforts to have the RISE AGAINST HUNGER meal packing occur at a later date to ensure successful participation and results to mirror our area Club's financial commitment to the project. Updates on a final decision for the March 22 event will be provided as soon as it becomes available.  
It goes without saying there is enough COVID19 information for the taking, but we continue to encourage even the simplest of personal precautions to include - handwashing, social distancing, and monitoring of personal health conditions as we navigate this unchartered territory together. 


The Van Landingham Rotary Scholarship Applications are being accepted until APRIL 20, 2020.  
2020 Van Landingham Rotary Club Scholarship
Open to Hilton Head Island High School students, a home school student affiliated with Hilton Head Island High School as well as Hilton Head Prep and Hilton Head Christian students.
Demonstrated academic ability, evidenced by GPA, SAT scores, and class standing.
Recommendations from teachers and/or counselors or employers required.
Completed FAFSA required.
Apply To
  • Lynn King
    Van Landingham Rotary President
    19 Middleton Gardens Dr.
    Bluffton, SC 29910
Career Field
  • Education
Financial Need
  • Yes
Service Area
  • Hilton Head High School students, home school student affiliated with Hilton Head High School, Hilton Head Prep School and Hilton Head Christian School students.
  • $10,000 ($4,000 first year, $2,000 next 3 years)
Number of Awards
  • One
  • Four years
  • 4/20/2020


    Following two weeks of venue trials, and overwhelming support of the membership to make a move, the Board voted this week to change our weekly meetings to the new USCB-HHI campus (One Sandshark Drive).  The beautiful facility, its accessibility, state of the art technology and the University's hospitality and willingness to work closely with the Club, will be great assets to Van Landingham Rotary moving forward.  We look forward to our first official meeting this TUESDAY, JANUARY 28th when we welcome JOSH GRUBER, to address our group "All About the Town".  Please join us, bring a guest - and let's truly celebrate our Club's new home.
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    Meeting Notes May 22, 2018

    Posted by Nancy Riedel on May 22, 2018
    President Ben called the off-site meeting to order at the Coastal Discovery Museum.  VLR provided  monies to start the Discovery Lab on the Museum property and will have a tour of the facilities after the breakfast and meeting.
    Otto Ferrene offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
    Tim Ridge circulated sign up sheets for Founder's Night which will be held Saturday June 23 at Shipyard.
    There will be a joint board meeting (outgoing board and incoming board) on June 19th
    Thank you Lynn King for arranging the food for this meeting and Jennifer Stupica for arranging the room
    Sergeant at Arms, Chuck Wiseman collected Happy $
    Rex Garniewicz, President and CEO of the Coastal Discovery Museum was introduced by Jennifer Stupica who is an employee of the Museum.  Rex gave a history of the museum which was founded in 1985 and was located at two separate locations prior to its move to Honey Horn in 2007. Honey Horn, a historical property was purchased by the town in 1990.  Pictures from long ago show that there were not many trees, but much has grown up over the years. The property contained several historical buildings which have been restored.  The new mission and vision of the museum is: The Coastal Discovery Museum inspires people to care for the Lowcountry.  When Rex came to the museum, the "Supervisor's House" was in very bad shape.  In January 2015 he provided a program to VLR which made the club aware of the needs and the desire to renovate the house, which led to VLR making a donation to help make the Discovery Lab a realization.  The Discovery Lab opened September 29, 2016 right before Hurricane Matthew hit.  The Lab made it through the hurricane, but Rex's house was destroyed.  Access to the lab was limited for quite a while because the Honey Horn property was used to grind up the island's fallen trees and was full of large equipment.  Since that time, more and more programs have been added, with the lab providing a multitude of learning experiences.  The museum, in spite of being a small museum, has been named a Smithsonian Affliliate because of the unique programs that are offered, based on our island location.  Rex named many of the popular programs and some of the exciting up coming summer programs.  There are currently forty programs per week!!

    Rex gave a tour of the Discovery Lab and provided many fascinating facts.  For more information  about the Coastal Discovery Museum and all the wonderful features and programs that it offers, visit: 
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    High School Clean Up

    Posted by Nancy Riedel on May 22, 2018
    On a recent Saturday Morning some members of the VanLandingham Rotary club gathered at Hilton Head Island High School to get the grounds in order for graduation.  
    Rotary in action !
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    A tribute to Jennifer DeHart

    Posted by Barry Davis on Mar 15, 2018
    Alright! In case you were not in attendance last Tuesday, you missed a nice tribute to Jennifer DeHart (Leaving soon for a promotion to Fidelity's Jacksonville office. We don't want to keep you in a state of perpetual disappointment so here is a replay of the tribute. Thanks to Ronzo for editing this short video. Alrighty?
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    Meeting Notes, July 18, 2017

    Posted by Nancy Riedel on Jul 18, 2017
    8:00 Opening Bell
    8:10 President Ben called the meeting to order
    Brian Goode offered the prayer and led the pledge
    President Ben announced that this is a club assembly and will be passing out sign up sheets for the various committees.  Two committees need chair people - Vocational Service and International Service

    John Farrenkopf reported on the successful social event on July 12.  Members, family and friends boarded a bus at the high school and left at 4:15 to see a Savannah Bananas game.
    Thanks to Ray Makalous for arranging the trip and to John Farrenkopf for arranging the refreshments en-route.
    All had a great time.  Check out all the photos in the photo gallery on the left.  Photos are courtesy of Ray Makalous, Ivan Bennett and Barry Davis.  
    Ben handed out sign up sheets for the following committees - chair is listed following:  Social - John Farrenkopf; Membership - John Carroll; Program - Chuck Wiseman; PR - Lynn King; Vocational Service - needs one; Auction - Kristen Kelly/Matt Murphy; Popcorn - David Pierce; Heritage - Alicia Taylor/Matt Murphy; Service - Maxine Parsons-Kogut; International Service - needs one; Scholarship - Ivan Bennett; Youth Programs - Ivan Bennett  There is still time to volunteer for various committees, so if you didn't get a chance to sign up today, let Ben know how you would like to be involved. 
    Sgt. at Arms Chuck Wiseman introduced visiting Rotarians, collected Happy$, and told a "bad joke of the day".  He also introduced a new feature "Rotary Karaoke" featuring the voices of Ben, Jennifer, John Farrenkopf and John Meyer. 
    Visiting Rotarians: Richard Rorschadte and Ken Nykiel
    Ben spoke of the good works that the VLRC has done over the past year and the fact that it has donated over $140,000 to local charities.  He named many of the recipients of our efforts.  
    Barry Davis, web master was our speaker today.  He relayed to the members that our website has a new design - a clean, modern look and the reviews have been favorable.  
    He explained how to use the email function in ClubRunner - which makes it easy for you to email any of the members.  He also showed how to look at and print the club directory which is always a handy tool.  All members are encouraged to login and check their profile information and make any updates as needed.  If you have forgotten your password, contact Barry
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    Friends of VLR

    Posted by Barry Davis on Jul 14, 2017

    We would like to send our weekly bulletin to friends and visiting Rotarians, and to that end we are inviting those interested in receiving
    club news to provide an email address. Forms are available at the check-in desk at every meeting. You can also sign up at the bottom of the home page or click the Subscribe button at the top of each bulletin.
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    Meeting Notes, July 11, 2017

    Posted by Nancy Riedel on Jul 11, 2017
    8:00 Opening Bell
    8:10 Past President Brian Neumann, filling in for Club President Ben Shelton, called the meeting to order.
    Nasser Shaheen offered the prayer and led the pledge.
    Ivan Bennett reported on the sign ups that have been gotten thus far for the Rotary Reader program.  Remember that spouses are welcome to volunteer as well.  If you have questions or wish to sign up see Ivan.
    John Carroll, who is the new membership committee chair, shared that there will be three areas of focus for the new year.  They are: Recruitment; Less involved becoming more involved; and Engagement satisfaction.  If you have suggestions, please contact John.
    Tomorrow, Wednesday July 12, is the Savannah Bananas event.  It is a double header but probably will only be staying for the first game.  The bus will leave at 4:15 from the baseball field at the high school.  There is still time to sign up.  There are 33 going, but there is room for more. Cost is $15 per person which includes tickets, snacks and transportation.  
    Next week, Tuesday July 18 the meeting will be a Club Assembly.  There is also a board meeting at night at the Hickory Tavern.
    Tim Ridge reported that Roger Burns fell last Friday and broke his femur.  He is now at MUSC where a successful surgery was performed.   Roger is up and about and in good spirits. He will be at MUSC for a few days yet before returning home. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
    New Sgt. at Arms Chuck Wiseman started off the year by introducing visiting Rotarians, announcing important milestones, collecting Happy $, and telling a "bad joke of the day".

    Visiting Rotarians: Dick Blankenbeher (North Little Rock); Richard Rorschadte (Kilgore TX); Jackie Minotas (Cleveland, Ohio)
    Birthdays: Ron Dziekan, Mike Davis, Brian Goode, Lynn King
    Anniversaries: Mike and Jeanette Davis
    Rotary Anniversaries: Neil Castelland (4), Otto Ferrene (34), Jim Rowe (34), Bob Jones (2)
    Special Agent George E Graves, Jr. from the FBI  Columbia Field Office was our speaker.  He is a twenty one year veteran with the FBI and is assigned to the Columbia Field Office, Hilton Head Resident Agency.  He is a native of New Jersey and has conducted complex white collar crime investigations, which included public corruption, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, health care fraud and civil rights. Special Agent Graves has investigative responsibility and Beaufort, Jasper, and Hampton Counties.

    An expert on fraud,  Special Agent Graves began by putting $5 in Happy$ because he said these days he is happy "just to be invited anywhere".  He has spent most of his career working on fraud and spoke of how technology has contributed to the crime of fraud.  He gave several examples of scams, particularly related to our area, as well as some "red flags" that you should watch out for.
    One scam is the IRS scam - a phone call is made telling you that your taxes have not been paid and unless you pay them you will be arrested.  First red flag is, the IRS would not make this accusation over the phone.  They would come to your door and make the charge. Second red flag is they will tell you to make payment by using a "green dot" card.  This is a card that you put money on and they will be able to get the money when you give them the number.  Not traceable to them.  Another red flag is if they ask for you to wire the money via Western Union - money gram.  If you get a phone call from the IRS - don't panic - that is not how they do business.
    Another local scam which took place 2015-16 was the "jury Duty Scan".  Again a phone call telling you that you missed jury duty and need to pay the fine.  This particular scam was being pulled off by inmates at a correctional facility in Georgia.  Several correctional officers smuggled smart phones into the inmates who then extracted real names of law enforcement and judges in the lowcountry and used this information to attempt to get payments wired to them.  Many were arrested in this case and it involved hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    Another scam locally was an online dating scam, dubbed the "lonely heart romance scam".  The perpetrator created a profile on a dating site, and for months developed a relationship with a wealthy lady.  After gaining her trust, he told her about a business venture that he had needing money.  He asked her to wire money to a third party (again a red flag).  Several payments were made to him totally almost a half a million.  After his guilt was revealed to the lady she found it difficult to believe.  
    Realtors and lawyers are another target for scammers.  A phony email page will be sent to the business, with an appealing service or something related to business.  When the link to the "information" is followed, malware is introduced and the frauder captures the email and begins monitoring email traffic.  Eventually will take over the account at an opportune time to change links to forward payments to.  Hundreds of thousand of dollars have been scammed in this way.  Always DOUBLE CHECK who the emails are coming from (every single character in the email) before following payment information.
    Some tips from Special Agent George Graves:
    Don't respond to account requests to update information 
    Change passwords regularly
    When traveling, do not use kiosks to check bank account or enter other login information
    Be aware that skimmers often attempt to get your info when you are charging a purchase at gas pump
    Credit cards offer more protection than debit cards
    Watch for the red flags : Green dot cards, request to wire money, request to send money to third party
    Phone call (fraudsters use phones that cannot be tied back to them
    Lots of great information -  be aware!
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