The meeting was called to order by President Kristin Keller.
Nasser Shaheen offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag.
There will be no meeting on September 25, and will be replaced by Rise for Hunger. 
Guests were welcomed: Julie Smith, guest of Brian Neumann; Javier Korneluk, guest of Angie Stone; Ed, guest of Beverly James.
Sonny Huntley filled in for Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver and collected Happy $$.  He is pictured below finding out why John Cunningham is Happy. 
Andrea Hattler Bramson from Full Spectrum Studio was the speaker. The studio is for artists with disabilities.  The mission is: "To provide our artists with an environment that is safe and supportive, where they can come to develop, create, and sell their art. "  
"Your cognition does not impact creativity"  says this energetic  lady.  Collaboration with other artists is important and they strive to have their pieces hand along side other artists.  
The venue is setup for 12 full time artists.  Every item is tracked, they set prices and sell. The artists are given the opportunity to order materials, engage in sales, and have exposure to conducting business.  Every piece that is produced is unique - and cannot be duplicated.  In addition to the pottery kiln, they have gotten a glass kiln so they will be making wind chimes and other glass items.  Plans are to expand.  There will be an Open House on September 10 which is a good opportunity to learn more.  Two artists accompanied Andrea and they had several beautiful examples of their work to show us.  Visit for more information.