President Lynn King called the meeting to order and welcomed members both in person and on Zoom
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Thanks to Cory Malphrus for organizing and thanks to all who participated in the Hilton Head High School clean up on Saturday.
Founders Night will be held on June 19 at Spring Lake on Hilton Head Plantation.  Past President Steve Stauffer will be sending out an email to find out how many will attend to provide a number to the caterer.  Happy Hour will be from 6:00 to 7:00, followed by dinner. The club is hosting this event with no charge to members and their guest.  Please reply to Steve's email when it is sent.
Last Hybrid meeting -  this was the last Hybrid meeting.  Starting June 1, in person at Palmera Inn is the option.  
Suzi Oliver, Sergeant at Arms collected Happy $$. A total of $52 was collected for the CART Fund - Coins for Alzheimers Research. 
Lynn introduced the speaker, Cinda Seamon.  Cinda is the Fire and Safety Educator at the Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue.  She has a long and impressive history of service in the community and many charitable organizations.  She is a CPR instructor and car seat tech.
photo credit - Lynn King
She has been honored with many awards including Zonta Woman of the Year in 2008.  She has everything to do with the public and safety education.  Fire Rescue has 145 employees, 7 stations, and a head quarters.  They serve UP TO Windmill Harbour.  Everyone at Fire Rescue is cross trained.  Most communities have separate fire and EMS, but all are cross trained which is why our ambulances are red - and why fire trucks respond to medical emergencies too.  Hilton Head Island has its own dispatch - local 911- there are more medical calls than fire. .  The pandemic required creativity to come up with new ways to serve the community.  Drive by birthday party was one new service, and a Zoom class "Safe at Home" for youngsters that have to stay at home alone. The Zoom class is free, and there is a book for $10.  Last year the pancake breakfast couldn't be held because it draws up to 800 people wo they came up with a scavenger hunt through "goose chase" app.  Missions were inputted about fire safety the top winner won pizza delivered by a fire truck.  It was a big success, so starting July 3 they will be running another scavenger hunt - Summer Safety Quest.  Winners will get a gift card for ice cream. Educational and fun activity for families.  Cinda's   job is to find ways to educate and she does a fabulous job being creative and responding to sometimes different circumstances.  This year the Pancake Breakfast at Station 4 will be back in October.  It is a community event and great way to kick off fire prevention month.  There will also be "Fire in the Streets" - where fire alarms are install in homes.  Fire rescue also installs and does battery changes.  Cinda emphasized the need to have an escape plan, to practice a fire drill, and make sure all in the family know it.  Teach all where to go when the escape.  "Don't Hide - Get Outside". You should know two ways out - with today's homes synthetic materials that are used, the fire burns hotter and spreads faster so there is less time to evacuate. "Stove top fire Stop" is for those that have someone in the home that cooks and shouldn't.  Install over the stove and activates when the flames get to it.  Unattended  cooking is one of the biggest causes of fires. Other education that Fire Rescue offers is : CPR training - classes limited to 6 or 7 people, online class is optional too; Fire extinguisher training; File of Life; Safe Sitters; car seats.