First Meeting of 2020-2021 Rotary Year was held at Palmera Inn & Suites at 8:00 am.  with a grab and go breakfast and Starbucks coffee. It was a HYBRID meeting with 11 people attending in person and 9 members on Zoom.
President Lynn King called the meeting to order.
A prayer and pledge to the flag opened the meeting.
USCB our normal meeting venue will not be available until after Labor Day.  The first time we may be able to meet there would be the first tuesday after Labor Day.  The board will convene next week so we will know more then.
Sonny Huntley provided comments about the recent Scholarship process.  This year being different since interviews were conducted via internet.  There were five wonderful, poised, smart, thoughtful students who applied (all girls).  The recipient, Olivia Waters is a great choice. Initially there were three applicants (ironically Olivia was the first) and then the deadline was extended and we got two more.  Olivia is going to go to USC.  One scholarship winner (last year) is not going back to school.  President Lynn thanked those who worked on the scholarship committee for their excellent work: Bev James, Lauri Davis, and Sonny Huntley.
Kristin Keller gave an update on the auction.  Question was posed if there would be a second auction.  No, there is not enough to auction and this is possibly not the right time to have one.
Lynn reported that all the clubs are being faced with fundraising challenges because of the current situation.
Membership is another area that is challenged by the times.  Jon Eggert is going to be the membership chair this year.  
Assistant Governor Dot Jeger, a member of the Bluffton Rotary Club, was on hand to induct the officers and board for this year
She inducted President Lynn King first.  Lynn then introduced the rest of the officers and directors. The are:
President Elect - Kristin Keller; Past President-Steve Stauffer; Treasurer- John Farrenkopf; Asst. Treasurer - Jim Keith; Secretary - Nancy Riedel; Foundation Chair - Greg Wynn; Membership Chair - Jon Eggert; Directors - Cory Malphrus, Creighton Stuckart, Jacob Hunt; Sergeant at Arms - Suzi Oliver. 
Next step will be to convene as a board and get committees together. 
Lynn thanked John Farrenkopt for his work on the Rotary Relief Fund - final figure $14,500.  We still can accept donations for this cause.  Thanks also to Greg Wynn who was also involved and delivered the gift cards to Deep Well.  
Thanks also Greg for setting up the Zoom meetings.
Don't forget about the District's weekly "all club" Zoom meetings which are on Wednesdays at noon.  Also you won't want to miss some of the great speakers at the CWRAP meetings on Monday and Friday at 11:00.   Speakers for the rest of July are: July 27 - Deborah DePaoli, Save the Children Action Network; July 29 - PDG Tiffany Erwin, Rotary Geek; July 31 - Ahmad Elzoghby, Cross Egypt Challenge.  
See y'all Tuesday July 28, with Speaker Josh Gruber, Asst. Town Manager and VLR member with Town Talk updates.  This will be a HYBRID meeting so look for Zoom info if that is your preferred mode of attendance.