President Lynn King welcomed everyone to the meeting held at the Island Rec Center and called the meeting to order
The prayer was offered by Kevin Courtney who also led the pledge to the flag
The board met last week, and discussed the following:   
We will continue to offer ZOOM meetings through the last quarter
Financially it is prudent to return to our normal policy of billing for meals even if you do not attend the meeting in person.  Beginning October 1 we will return to that policy
There is no word on moving back to USCB yet so our in-person meetings will continue at Palmera 
Jim Keith, assistant treasurer has requested and been granted a Leave of Absence.  Jacob Hunt has stepped up to fill that spot.
Jon Eggert, membership chair reported that over the last few months the club has lost some members and we have seen less engagement of current members. The plan is to encourage current members to re-engage, as well as put an effort into growing the club. His committee is reaching out to those that have not been in attendance, as well as trying to bring at least one new member in by the end of the year.  You do not need to be on the committee to do this, it is important for all to share Rotary with others.
We will be delivering Holiday baskets this year the Tuesdays before Thanksgiving and Christmas.  We plan to deliver 50 baskets each time.
We continue to need to raise funds to meet our charitable commitments.
Kristin Keller talked about our first major fund raiser this year - a raffle. It will be the same as last year with cash prizes but more time to sell the tickets.  The goal is to raise $10,000 and all members will be given tickets to sell/buy.  The drawing will be on November 24 and be live on facebook. 
Sonny Huntley emphasized that it is important for us to attend meetings and be together.
Lynn reported that we are tentatively planning a Christmas Party perhaps an outdoor Oyster Roast - stay tuned for more information
We are also planning to have a remote meeting in November and one in December at Coastal Discovery.  Regular meetings continue at Palmera with the exception of these two.  
Frank Soule, Executive Director of the Island Rec Center was our speaker.
photo credit - Barry Davis
He expressed appreciation for the support that VanLandingham Rotary Club has given to the Rec Center.  Our contributions and financial commitment has allowed them to purchase the best equipment for the workout area.  He also said that during this time, to be CDC compliant some of the equipment had to be moved and some had to be removed to achieve the spacing required.  
January the remodeled facility celebrated their one year anniversary and also opened the playground.  Mid March because of Covid-19 all operations were closed down.  During the close, they kept working and making improvements. Since that time,  the Center has reopened with new guidelines and has seen good results- had great summer swimming program - the pool area being very successful.  In May, full day camp was opened and had great success.  The fall programs are showing that people are wanting to get back to normal activities.  The Senior Center reopened in August and started Zoom classes.  Now there are in-person classes as well and exercise classes are going well.  There still is impact in that the big events are not being held, the Turkey Trot is being limited to 500 people.  The center is also trying new things as well. The dome is not going up this year, which is a change, and hours have changed.  One new program is a fencing program - fencing is the fastest growing program in the country.  Pickleball has been playing outdoors since May. Fitness classes have continued to grow.  Basketball will be held but parents will not be allowed in the gym.  
photo credit Barry Davis
President Lynn King and President Elect Kristin Keller present a check for $40,000 to Alan Perry and Frank Soule.  This represents part of our financial pledge for the second floor of the gym which includes the walking track and fitness equipment area. You can see the walking track at the top of the photo.