Kristin Keller, Club President, welcomed members, guests and visitors to the meeting.
The prayer was offered by Kevin Courtney who also led the pledge to the flag.
Rick and Connie Molland were recognized as visiting Rotarians from NC near Asheville.
Beverly James introduced our scholarship winner, Chris Crosby.  His proud mother Andrea Murry was also in attendance.  Chris is a talented young man both scholastically and athletically and we wish him much success during his college years.
A Community event will be held May 21 at Celebration Park.  The lunch club is organizing it and we will be providing pop corn from our famous pop corn wagon.  Watch for opportunity to volunteer at this family-friendly event.
Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver collected Happy $$.  
Zachary Green,  a motivational speaker, originally from Ohio, shared stories and experiences which gave him the knowledge to write "Warrior Entrepreneur".
In his youth Scott wanted to join the military, compared all the "offers" from various branches of the service and took the challenge to be a US Marine in spite of the fact they provided no incentive other than a challenge to prove himself. Through his observation and personal experience he found that adversary and challenge makes the warrior better.  Hardships prepare you for your "crucible" - the crisis that changes your life.  He had difficulty cutting it, he reasoned it was because of his background of having parents that always took care of everything - he needed to conquer it, and wanted to live a life of virtue and service.  He joined a fire department and his experience in training for fire fighting, his frightening experience of losing direction in a burning building motivated him to find a solution. He developed a glow in the dark product which became popular with other fire fighters/stations and he made $5,000 in 6 months.  He took his product to trade shows and booked $100,000 worth of business in 3 days.  He also saw a need and invented and patented exit signs which use batteries, not electricity.  That product is distributed by Home Depot with a huge array of major corporations purchasing it.  He has received many recognitions for his success.  
A US Marine, Firefighter, and Entrepreneur, he conveyed to us the lessons learned from his life experiences.  Fascinating.  His book "Warrior Entrepreneur" is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.  You can learn more about him and the book by visiting:   
PS - wish I would have taken a picture of his car in the parking lot - oh my!