President Lynn King called the meeting to order. She welcomed everyone to the Palmera Inn and Suites and Zoom.
The prayer was offered and pledge to the flag led by Kevin Courtney.
Polio - Nancy Riedel told all about an easy way to meet our polio goal. October and November are designated polio months and we have polio masks for sale for $10 and polio socks for $20. Contact Lynn or Nancy for masks or socks.  District Polio Chair Bernie Riedel is also raising funds for his 500 mile walk/run challenge.  If you wish to contribute, see the article following this for links and pictures.
Creighton Stuckart - in two weeks on November 18th we will be doing a water project.  Oyster shell stuffing will take place at Honey Horn from 3:00 to 4:30. Bring your own gloves, masks, wear long pants and closed toe shoes. All other necessities will be furnished.
Christmas cash raffle - Kristin Keller - drawing will be held December 22.  If you need more tickets, please see Kristin.  
Happy $$ were collected. 
Lynn shared some of her experience with Covid-19 testing. HH Hospital has free Covid-19 tests.  They call with positive results or email if negative.
Speaker was Vitaliy Bezrodnov with information about The Rotary Children's Fund.  The fund "exists to promote good will between countries by funding organizations that contribute to peace, cultural understanding and appreciation through the arts.
Funding young artists, performers and musicians worldwide to share their cultures through their performances and workshops which features their talents, traditional costumes and individual personalities.
Improving good will between the people of America and other countries. Developing a better understanding of cultures, music and traditions. Building Cultural bridges."
photo credit Barry Davis
Vitaliy Bezrodnov is one of the founders and he told about the history of how the fund was started.  He also explained the program Golden Gates by reference to the Rotary Four Way test, taking it point by point. Mr. Bezrodnov, having had a music education, became part of the Moscow Nights, a music group which entertained and traveled around the world. When in the USA, was invited to Denver CO Rotary. Eventually Vitaliy moved to Cleveland OH.  Is it the Truth : When Russians and American began to participate in exchange it did away with sterotypes. Golden Gates not named for the bridge, but named for young people, sincere and truthful. Since 2003 over 40 groups have presented to over 1,000,000 people in the US, in public schools, Rotary clubs, Boys & Girls Clubs, etc. it "Connects the World".  The program builds good will by improving relationships.  All concerned are benefited by the exposure to different cultures and it does a good job promoting the image of Rotary.  It is funded by donations from Rotary Clubs, RI, and other sponsors. No matter where you go, there are Rotarians ready to offer assistance if help is needed.  Often the group is in need of accomodations in the area in which they are doing a concert.  Rotarians can help in this area.  The program is an opportunity for "Service above Self".  You can learn more about this by going to