Club President Kristin Keller welcomed members, visiting Rotarians and guests to the meeting at Palmera Inn and Suites.
Visiting Rotarian gave us an update what his club - Rotary Club  Geneva - is doing to help Ukrainian refugees.  There are 3 clubs involved in the effort, with the goal to ship more goods into Ukraine - food, medicine. The Rotary Club in SW Ukraine, about 45 north of the border is still functioning.  Goods are taken in via train.  They have a website and appreciate donations.  (url forth-coming).
Bev James reported that recipient of our scholarship has been chosen.  It is Christopher Crosby from Hilton Head High School.  He has been accepted at USC.  
Rob Bridgers was our speaker. He served as pilot for Marine One during the Reagan and Bush era.  He has over 8,000 hours flying various aircraft.  The first time a US President flew in a helicopter was 1957 - President Eisenhower.  The Air Force was the first to fly a President - Marine and Army shared the helicopter while the Air Force had Air Force 1.  President Ford, in 1976, as a cost saving cut the Army out of its share with Marines.  We learned much about military protocols when transporting the President as well as the equipment used, and heard entertaining stories and anecdotes.  Interesting, informative and entertaining presentation.