Meeting was a HYBRID meeting with the District Governor, Assistant Governor, and some members attending on ZOOM while other members (10) attended in person at the Palmera Inn & Suites.
President Lynn King presided over the meeting. She announced that USCB will not be having guests on campus at least to October 1. We will continue to meet at Palmera Inn & Suites, which has worked well and all that have met there like it.  Our appreciation to Palmera Inn & Suites.
Lynn introduced Assistant Governor Dot Jeger.
AG Dot introduced District Governor Pauline Levesque who is a member of the Rotary Club of Myrtle Beach. She has been a Rotarian for over 30 years with an impressive Rotary bio.
Pauline talked about the long term goals of Rotary International, strategic plan and mission statement. She said that RI President Holger Knaack emphasizes that the clubs need to "increase our ability to adapt" in this current world situation.  The challenge of attracting and bringing in new members and thoughts of moving to new types of meetings, as well as how to adapt for people's work schedules.  New types of meetings - like HYBRID ZOOM are popular.  Another aspect is how to be creative with fundraising.  There is a new club - a ZOOM club.  She emphasized the need to review a strategic plan.
The District has taken steps to try to keep Rotarians engaged by creating CWRAP meetings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Wednesday is the district all club meeting where all are welcome to attend.  Third Thursday is Happy Hour with no formal program, just an opportunity to meet other Rotarians to chat and connect with them.
This year is the "Year of Millions" - three different focuses
1. Meal packing - "feed 10 million" - Last year Zone 33 (we are in Zone 33) exceeded 10 million meals and that is our goal.  Bob Gross will help clubs quantify what they are doing - for their own benefit and to qualify for grants.  Pauline is asking every club to do a "blessing box" project.  This is something that the community can also join in and support.  Visit the town to find out a good place to place one.  The Foundation turned around a distribution of 25 million for COVID. Jennifer Jones did a marathon and raised $600,000.  Our area submitted for a grant for $25,000 which was divided among several worthly charitable organizations.  The need for food is great.
2. Polio exceeded $1,000,000.  Polio vaccine distribution was impacted by the pandemic, but they will be back soon.
3.  Million Dollar Campaign - emphasis on raising a million dollars through contributions made by individuals who want to leave a legacy by supporting the Rotary Foundation.  There are various levels of giving that qualify Rotarians to join this campaign. It can be through major gifts giving or benefactor gifts.   Contact PDG Bernie Riedel for specifics.  
DG Pauline spoke about the Paul Allen Ten Star program.  Paul passed away this past year, a great Rotarian with a heart for membership.  There are 22 items that are required to be a Ten Star Rotarian.
There was to be a video, however it will be emailed out.
Pauline emphasized the need to develop a strategy to deal with COVID-19.  "Rotary Opens Opportunities".  Pauline referred to this year's logo.  Doors open the first time you are asked to join Rotary.  It is our job to keep the doors open.  Opportunities to help neighbors and invite others to join.  Every time you help someone else you open the door for them.  Think about your own personal walk through the doors and how to help others.
DG Pauline, while attending club meetings via ZOOM for the time being, hopes to visit all the clubs in the district in 2021 between April and June.  
The Club will meet next week - September 1 speaker is Senator Tom Davis- and weekly thereafter until further notice.  Meetings will be HYBRID with ZOOM and Palmera Inn & Suites being the meeting place.