The club meeting at Palmera Inn and Suites was called to order by Club President Kristin Keller
Kevin Courtney offer the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Rotary Family festival is May 21 noon to 6.  Our popcorn wagon will be in attendance and will need volunteers to help set up and take down.
June 24 is Founders Night at Spring Lake Pavillion
VLR Social - May 25 - Taste of Europe 4:30 to 6:30
Suzi Oliver, Sergeant at Arms collected Happy $$
Josh Gruber updated us on what is happening at the Town of Hilton Head.
Town Council will have four positions up for election this year.  
The Strategic Action Plan is what is to be accomplished in one to three years. There are 60+ strategic initiatives that they are working on.  Strategic plan goals within that have initiatives for each goal.
All can be found on the Town's website and there will be monthly updates for each area, so if there is a particular area you are interested in, you can track the progress on the site.  Some of the big issues: short term rental policy; adopt beach master plan; develop island brand strategy - how we project image and value; beach management plan; property the town owns - information maintained online; mid island redevelopment; master plan - growth of island and land use.; workforce and affordable housing - not just housing, but transportation, salary, etc; Hilton Parkway/gateway corridor plan - plan is to go into Main street area (town is acquiring all properties)
This year's tax bill will go down 5 mil - after Hurricane Matthew 5 mil was put on taxes for 5 years - this year it is up.
Josh updated us on the improvements and projects related to: Parks, Roadways, Pathways, Gateway Corridor Project, and the Beach.  Visit the town website for details.