President Kristin Keller called the meeting to order
Kevin Courtney offered the prayers and led the pledge to the flag
Run With Bernie is in full progress with the VLR team racking up the miles and getting pledges for polio plus.  The event runs from July 1 to World Polio Day, October 24.  Several club members have already pledged financial support to this initiative - thank you so much for your donations, they go against our club's polio goal.  Anyone who still wishes to pledge support either by the mile or one time donation still has plenty of time to do it - contact one of the team captains or team member for pledge forms.  Team members are:  Lynn King (Co-captain); Suzi Oliver (Co-captain, goal - 500 miles); Kristin Keller (goal 35 miles per week - 560 total miles); Beth Kuzmick (goal - 500 miles); Dick Storm; Ray Warco (goal 2,000 miles); Nancy Riedel (goal 500 miles).  
John Farrenkopf and Jacob Hunt announced we will be having a social at the Spanish Wells Club - watch for the date and more details.
Board members: first board meeting will be Tuesday July 27
District Governor Paul Walter will be visiting our club on September 14.  He would like to meet with the board after the meeting.
Filling  in for Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver, Lynn King collected Happy $$.
Kristin Keller was our speaker. She presented interesting information about her employer Palmetto Electric Cooperative.
She showed a film commemorating Palmetto Electric's 75th Anniversary (2015).  A wonderful and revealing quote describing what it was like getting electricity on the Island was - it "was like leaving the Stone Age".  In 1950 electricity was brought to Hilton Head for 30 families.  There was no bridge.  In 1965 there were 3500 members in the co-op.  By 1989 it had grown to 33,000 members.  Operation Round Up was started and $300,000 was generated through it.  When electricity was first brought to the island, the members had to read their own meter and submit it.  Now, meters are read remotely, not even needing a "meter reader" in person.  Renewable energy is a focus.  
Palmetto Electric Co op was first formed in 1940 with 104 members, bringing power to the rural area; 1945 the first annual meeting was held with 25 in attendance, the last meeting had 5,000; 1979 they were recognized with an Energy Efficiency Award; 1989 Operation Round Up started.  340 Co Ops in the US have adopted Operation Round Up.; 2002 $1 million Hole in One Shoot Out; 2003 Implemented Green Power Program.  Kristin also talked about alternative power sources such as solar.  There are 2 solar farms - can pay an initiation fee and monthly fee to invest in solar.  There are strict rules when there are solar panel on a home.  There is not enough wind here to use wind.  She talked about the different programs available for the members which are meant to save electricity and money.  During Hurricane Matthew in 2016 there were 61,000 out of power and within 5 days, 60,000 had power back.  Our last storm, Elsa, had 20,000 without power.  This outage was caused by a problem in transmission from Santee Cooper.  When big storms hit, the Electric Co-ops work together.  Workers have stripes designating how many storms they have worked.  We are fortunate to have a well run efficient electric cooperative in control of our power needs.