Club President Kristin Keller called the meeting to order
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
This is the first posting for Barry Lefkowitz
There was $15,000 left over from last year's budget which will be given to Kevin for scholarships.  RI dues have gone up $2 a quarter.  Club will have a dues increase
Run for Bernie - keep track of your miles - walk, run, swim, row, whatever. If you haven't as yet, contact Suzi to join the team - or make a pledge.
The board is reaching out to members who haven't been attending meetings to encourage them to attend.  
Happy $$ were collect by Past President Lynn King who filled in for Sergeant at Arms Suzi Oliver
Tom Henz, Director/Facilitator and Ray Warco, Facilitator from the USCB Center for Strategic Planning were our speakers.  The mission of the Center is "To empower businesses and organizations to achieve their vision". Ray talked about pushing the pause button and asking questions such as: "are we going in the right direction?"; "are we prepared for the next big thing?".  The best thing is to have a plan but have to have the correct information.  A good way to do that is do a good honest confidential survey, assemble a team, think about what you are doing, push reset!  USCB provides planning services for businesses and organizations.  They 1. Work with you and your team to facilitate the development of the strategic plan through their 10 step process called "Bridge to Better" 2. Facilitate your board meetings, workshops and retreats 3. Deliver the AMP (Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile) to help leaders assess the degree to which they are utilizing an entrepreneurial mindset and provide resources to leverage their competitive edge.  
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