Club President Kristin Keller presided over the meeting at Palmera Inn and Suites
The All Club Conference (District Conference) is March 11 - 13.  The registration is closed.
The Town of Hilton Head has launched a new app - My HHI
Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver collected Happy $$
Randy Voigt, Retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent was our speaker. 
He moved here 3 years ago.  He creates Emergency Management Plans for Businesses and Individuals.  He explained the difference between crisis and emergency: time frame, crisis is something you can prepare for.  There are three levels: 1. Incident; 2. Emergency; 3. Crisis. Some history: 1803 Congressional Act First National Disaster; 1941 Office of Civilian Defense; 1950 Federal Civil Defense Administration; 1979 FEMA created; 2001 Sept 11; 2002 Homeland Security; 2003 President Bush National Response Framework.  He stressed the need to have a plan for both business and personal.  He practices what he preaches and is prepared and carries supplies in his car - like blanket, water, first aid kit, flash light.   A good resource from FEMA is: