Members were welcomed by Club President Kristin Keller
Trash Pick Up will be 3/19 at 9:30.  Will have sign up sheet next week.
Heritage - Sign up to work shifts  ( 8 to 12, 11 to 6)
We will have the popcorn wagon, selling just popcorn for $4. This will be a separate sign up to staff that.
John Myer is in the hospital awaiting surgery. He recently had two heart attacks.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.
Jon Eggert welcomed a son recently and Lynn King welcomed a new grandchild.  Congratulations!.
Happy $$ were collected by Sergeant at arms, Suzi Oliver
Sheriff P J Tanner was our speaker.
Sheriff Tanner was a member of VLR in the 90's ( '93,'94, '95).  He provided updates on various categories of crime in our area and answered many questions. He talked about immigration, crime trends and human trafficking. 
-One of the challenges of the Sheriff's Department is recruiting new deputies.  Salary has been increased to be competitive, but affordable housing remains to be a problem.  A one bedroom apartment costs on the average $2000 monthly in Bluffton.  Starting salary is dependent on formal education, LE experience and ranges from $47,000 to $73,000.  Procedure to become a deputy is : application; background check, vetting; 6 month training; takes about a year before can go out alone. 
-Our area compares favorably to the national average of violent crime which is 3.89%.  Based on population 200,000 we are at 3.1%.  Considering the population that is serviced (250,000 which includes 20 to 25,000 commuters) it is 2.7%.   
-Of the calls that are responded to, domestic violence is the most dangerous. 
-The most consistent crime is car break-in.  Steps to take to lessen this crime: lock car, do not leave valuables visible, remove firearms from the vehicle. 
-Question about drugs in the county: 98% of overdoses are fentanyl caused.  Drugs come from China, across the border brought by the Mexican cartels.  100s of pounds per day. There is no border security and the "Mexican cartels are running the show".  
-LE's job is further challenged by leniency with 70% of gun charges being dismissed by solicitor's office and 68% of domestic violence cases being dismissed.