There will be two HYBRID meetings during August.  Please attend in person - at Palmera Inn & Suites on Tuesday August 11 and Tuesday August 25 OR attend via ZOOM (Greg Wynn has furnished the ZOOM link)  There will be a speaker (TBA) for August 11 and August 25 is the District Governor Visit.  DG Pauline Levesque will "visit" on August 25 and you will not want to miss the meeting.  
There are more Rotary opportunities via ZOOM with every Wednesday being a district all club meeting, always with a great speaker and Mondays and Fridays CWRAP meetings.  Check your email for communications from Mary Gasque to connect to these meetings.  
Apologies that we haven't had photos included in the newsletters.  There is a problem interfacing with the software which causes the images to be displayed in a rotated position.  As soon as that is all resolved, there will be a special newsletter including all the images that you have missed.  Thanks for your patience.  
See you at the August meetings.