President Lynn King called the meeting to order.
Creighton Stuckart has confirmed a trash pick up partnering with Outside Hilton Head at Pinckney Island. This great opportunity to participate in a service project will take place on September 13. Watch for more information .
Cory Maphrus is going to check on opportunities to clean up the school campus
Rotary ROCS will be held on the morning of Saturday September 26. Watch for more information and sign up for a great way to help the community. 
There were $45 of Happy Dollars collected.
Suzi Oliver introduced our speaker Senator Tom Davis.  Senator Davis resides in Beaufort. He graduated from Furman in 1982 Magna Cum Laude and the University of Maryland School of Law in 1985.  He was elected state senator in 2008 and to a second and third four year term.  He is married and has three children.
This was the first in-person speech that Senator Davis has given since March.  He left general session in March. A budget wasn't passed in May, but on September 15 the budget will be debated.
The last six years he has been advocating for the use of medical marijuana.  He spoke of the use of a strain of cannabis, Charlottes Web and its efficacy with epileptic seizures. In 2014 he drafted a bill which opened the door to use cannabis to epileptic patients. He also explained how its use affects the body and addresses the underlying causes of the illness.  He is following up on the 2014 bill , focusing on the medical conditions that it helps.  It is a challenge because South Carolina is a conservative state.  The bill likely will wait until January.  There are thirty four states that have authorized medical cannabis.  Senator Davis believes that in addition to epilepsy, PTSD is another medical condition that would derive benefit from it.  Hopes are that South Carolina can be a model for other state in this area.
The Corona Virus has evolved over the last six months. Ever since March Senator Davis has been involved with the COVID committee.  Starting in ernest in June there have been twelve mass testing events.  Some held by DHEC, others by local hospitals.  The average people tested at a single event is 750 to 1,000. A new testing method has been very promising- a saliva test.  USC tests large amounts of students a day and this method has proven to be reliable and results are gotten quickly.  The state is looking at the success of USC and are going to take this testing all over the state.  Testing serves: 1. Want to have schools open. By ramping up with the saliva test this will help this goal.  2. It is important for businesses. There is a fear that they will be sued, liability insurance doesn't cover pandemics. The easy saliva tests allow them to test employees getting results quickly, able to isolate employees and protect the business. 3. It also helps keep the demand down for hospital beds and buys time until a vaccine is developed. 
He also briefly spoke of the 278 bridge project and its financing and benefits for the area.  
Hurricane evacuation is another area that special considerations may have to be taken because of COVID
Senator Davis does not see South Carolina going to a mass mail in election.  He believes it will be safe for all to vote in person on election day, but for those that wish and have reason, can use the absentee ballot method.  Last May, COVID =19 was added as a reason to request and absentee ballot and he believes it will also be a valid reason for the November election. Absentee ballot requires request, identity and witness so it is safer that mail in ballots which are sent out to all. We do not have the infrastructure in place to handle mail in voting.  A suggestion was to have extended time available at the polls on election day (or days) which may be something to consider.