Members and guests were welcomed by Club President Kristin Keller
The All Club Conference, March 11 - 13 is full, registration is closed.  Let Kristin know if you had planned to register but could not.
Dick Storm is looking for middle school mentors.  It is not a long term commitment, need extra hands on Wednesdays March 9 to April 6
Next week there will be sign up sheets for Heritage.
New member induction -
Bruce Yeager inducted new member Gary Ostroski.  Gary (right) who is manager at the Grennery, is pictured above with his sponsor Greg Wynn.  Welcome Gary!
Dr Sheryse Grant DuBose, of the Historic Neighborhoods Permitting and Design Studio, was our speaker. 
She is a native islander and works in this department of the Town of Hilton Head. They help the property owners of the historic neighborhoods to do development plans.  There is a historic neighborhoods staff which provides the checks and balances.  This department gives the town the opportunity to develop relationships with the native islanders, gain their trust and improve communications.  The plans for the bridge improvement will affect the historic neighborhood of Stoney and they are looking at how to best preserve the cultural aspects of the neighborhood.  No private dollars go into this venture.  Dr. DuBose explained the complicated situation caused by Heirs Property.  The Town works with the Heritage Library to clear titles on heirs property.