President Lynn King called the HYBRID meeting to order.  In person held at Palmera Inn and Suites
Lynn offered the prayer and John Cunningham led the pledge to the flag
The November 17 meeting is planned to be held at the Children's Sand Box Museum.  It will be held outside.  The Sand Box has been the recipient of our donations which have supported the "Rotary Learning Room".  This is a perfect opportunity to invite potential new members to the meeting so they can see what we do in the community.  There will not be a full breakfast, but coffee and donuts will be served.
Kristin Keller discussed the "Christmas Cash Raffle" and distributed tickets to members.  Members not at the meeting can pick up their tickets from Kristin at the Palmetto Electric Drive through window on Mathews Drive (contact Kristin to make arrangements)
The club is gathering information about members that are veterans. We need to know Years of Service, Rank, and Branch of service.  This is for the district for the purpose of acknowledging members service to our country.
Sergeant at Arms, Suzi Oliver collected Happy $$ and welcomed guests. Guest were : Tommy Reitz, and Joah Etchells (this is his third visit to the club, having been introduced two weeks ago by Julie Camp Tome.
John Cunningham introduced the speaker Nate Jones. 
photo credit Barry Davis
Nate spoke about Broad Creek Marina, the new Electric Go Cart track and Adventure Park. Broad Creek Marina, in addition to having dry dock and docking facilities, has a restaurant - Up the Creek Pub, Zip Line and aerial adventure.  It is a seasonal business.  The new project, and electric go cart track is projected for completion in April or May of 2021.  The town of Hilton Head initially said the track was not allowed, however the board of zoning said it was.  The challenge has been to design it to make sure that there is no damage to nearby oyster beds.  The track will be concrete and only run 25 cars at a time.  There will be over 60 there, while one group is running the others are charging.  The Electric Go Cart track brings to the property a cheaper alternative of activity for a shorter time frame.  Zip Lining costs $89 for 2 hours, while Go Carting only lasts 12 minutes, going 5 to 6 laps.  There will be 40 single seaters and 20 dual seaters so the whole family can participate.  Safety will be practiced with a sound barrier system, 4 point harnesses, and two to three spotters on the course.  All the carts are remote controlled and helmets are not necessary.  Covid-19 has not affected the marina business adversely - business has been better than ever.  The restaurant has done well following social distancing and proper cleaning guidelines.  Zip Line had to close because cannot social distance and the aerial adventure is limited.