Kristin Keller, club president welcomed members and guests to our meeting at Palmera Inn and Suites.
Prayer was offered by Joah Etchells, who also led the pledge to the flag.
5/21 - Family event starting at noon at Celebration Park.  Dave Pierce needs help with setting up the pop corn wagon and tearing it down at 6pm
5/25 - VLR Social at Taste of Europe from 4:30 to 6:30.  
Transferring Rotarian Nick Mihelic and potential new member Barry Lefkovitz were in attendance.
Past President Lynn King collected Happy $$.
Ahmed Ward, Executive Director of Mitchelville Freedom Park was our speaker.
Mitchelville is the first self governed town of enslaved individuals.  The park is established on 33 acres on Beach City Road.  We learned the history of Mitchelville and the fact that in 1893 a hurricane destroyed the buildings. From Folly Field to Coligny was under water.  They are able to build on 24 acres and have done archeology on the site.  It is believed that they have found a church - "blobs" match to a map.  A hearth has been uncovered - it was used to cook tabby - not food.  The Park will contain an 18,000 sq ft interpretive center and the importance of Gullah will be in evident.  There is a need to raise $23 million, and need not just donators, but cheerleaders as well.  The goal is to make everyone aware why this property is so important.  Visit to learn more.