The Board of Van Landingham Rotary convened this week and unanimously decided to suspend our Tuesday morning meetings for the next two weeks. 
There will be NO MEETINGS on Tuesday, March 17 or March 24 and further notices will be given if deemed necessary. The USCB-HHI campus will also be closed for an additional spring break and we will monitor their continued decisions as well.. This Board decision was made with respect to an abundance of precautions being taken over growing concerns of COVID19 in the Lowcountry and the recommendations from CDC and local/regional/state health authorities.  
Area Rotary Club presidents are also in communication and it appears they are expected to take similar actions with their Club meetings. 
Regarding the upcoming RISE AGAINST HUNGER event, and at the urging of the Area Club Presidents, AG Dot Jeger is spearheading efforts to have the RISE AGAINST HUNGER meal packing occur at a later date to ensure successful participation and results to mirror our area Club's financial commitment to the project. Updates on a final decision for the March 22 event will be provided as soon as it becomes available.  
It goes without saying there is enough COVID19 information for the taking, but we continue to encourage even the simplest of personal precautions to include - handwashing, social distancing, and monitoring of personal health conditions as we navigate this unchartered territory together.