Posted by Nancy Riedel on Jun 06, 2019
President Steve Stauffer called the meeting to order
Brian Goode offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Joint Board Meeting - June 25 at Mangiamo's 5:15
Savannah Bananas, trip June 12, leaving at 5:30, only has 4 spots left.  Contact Josh Gruber to sign up 
Need volunteers to help with the clean up on June 13 Pig Pickin' (auction item) at Honey Horn.  Jennifer Stupica has the sign up sheet
June 29 is Founders Night at the Sonesta
photo credit - Barry Davis
New member, Angela Stone was inducted into the club.  If you haven't met her yet, please make sure to meet her and welcome her to the club.  Welcome, Angela!
Sergeant at Arms, Alicia Powell welcomed visiting Rotarians, guests and collected Happy $$.
Visiting Rotarians: Kirk Bonchie - Indiana; Ken Nykiel - Schaumberg IL
Guests: Lilly Larsen, grand daughter of Alicia; Ed Barnhart, guest of Bev James
John Cunningham introduced the speaker, David Johnson who provided an update on the 278 Corridor 
David is Chairman of the US 278 Gateway Corridor Committee.
Photo credit Barry Davis
The committee is made up of 15 citizens.  They have been meeting since February 14, weekly, and more recently twice a month.  "The purpose of the committee is to work cooperatively with the SCDOT to gather information, obtain and provide citizen input into the EA process, and make recommendations to Town Council regarding the U.S. 278 Environmental Assessment and Design Alternatives." The scope of the project is from Moss Creek to Squire Pope Road (original) but has been increased to include Spanish Wells Road and the Cross Island.  The project is not just about the bridge and at least six "hot spots" have been identified. 1. Buckingham landing; 2. Spans; 3. Pickney Island; 4. Jenkins Island (3 crossings) 5. Stoney area; 6. Entrance and exit from Cross Island  The DOT is close to finishing some studies, however there are still some outstanding.  There are 8 reasonable alternatives which will be shared with the public in fall.  Will analyze for a year and in Fall of 2020 come up with a preferred alternative.