Our apologies for this late edition. Nancy Riedel is attending the RI convention in Atlanta and I have just returned from Michigan. The following notes were submitted by Ivan Bennett:
VLR Notes: June 13, 2017
Opening Bell 8:00
Prayer and Pledge Brian Goode : 8:10
Remarks President Tim Ridge: Next week VLR Board Meeting at 5:15 at Hickory Tavern for old and new Board members.

Membership Report- Ben Shelton:  The VLR membership currently is 63.

Social- John Farrenkopf : Savannah Banana Night with a Bus is being planned for July 12. More Info later.

John Cunningham received his Paul Harris 4 year pin.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jennifer DeHart: Birthdays- John Farrenkopf on June 16 and Bev James on June 17. Rotary Anniversary Dave Pierce 48 years. Mike and Lynn Middleton married 40 years.

Visiting Rotarians: Richard Rorschach from Kilgore Texas

Guest: Andre Saniche (speaker) guest of John Cunningham
Introduction of Speaker- Tim Ridge
Andre has returned by popular demand from speaking to us on his experiences living in Russia
Presentation: Andres first travel to Russia was in 1996.
Russians lover to host people with caviar, meat, vegetables and plenty of Vodka (100% proof).
From 2000-2003 the Russian restaurant and grocery stores were the best ever.
But in 2003 Russian put the clamp down and decided they could do it themselves.
In 2002 Andre’s wife who had lived in London moved to Russia with him. By 2006 they had enough and left Russia for good.

Bingo- 8:50
Adjournment- 9:00