Posted by Nancy Riedel
Past President Tim Ridge, filling in for President Ben, rang the bell.
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and pledge.
Committee Reports:
Membership - Jon Eggert who is sponsored by John Carroll will be inducted today
Tour of Mitchelville will be at 10 am on Friday
Holiday Baskets - were all delivered successfully.  Thanks to all who helped with deliveries.
Board Meeting - next Tuesday, at Hickory Tavern
Candidates slate for 2018-19 will be voted on by the membership at next Tuesday's meeting.  They are:
President - Steve Stauffer; President Elect - Jennifer DeHart; Secretary - Ivan Bennett; Treasurer - Roger Burns; Asst. Treasurer - Matt Murphy; Board Term ending 2020 - Jim Dixon to complete Mike Middleton's term; Board Term ending 2021 - John Carroll, Kristen Keller, Cory Malphrus
Acting Sergeant at Arms, Jennifer DeHart welcomed visiting Rotarians, collected Happy $s, 
Visiting Rotarians: Ken Nykil, Ill; Don McClure, Newcastle,ME; Richard Rorschach, Kilgore, TX; Roy Enstine, Southampton, NY.
Bruce Yeager inducted new member Jon Eggert.  Jon's sponsor is John Carroll.
Make sure to meet and welcome Jon to our club.  His classification is 'attorney' and has lived here three years.  He works at the McNair Law Firm.  He is originally from Greenville.  
Matt Murphy, assisted by Kristen Keller, spoke about our upcoming auction.  As you get items for the auction bring them to the meeting or make arrangements to drop off to Matt.  Do NOT take your items to Rielly's.  
New this year are 36 30 second commercial spots that we are selling for $200.  It includes WTOC coming out to film it.  You can use previously filmed commercials as well.  We will be probably scheduling filming to be at the First Tee to make it easier.  At this price it would be a great deal for non-profits.  Tuesday the 16th, lists will be opened up.  February 6 is the drop dead date to turn in and February 25 is the auction.  There are new faces involved - Jennifer, Lynn and John.
We are about $60,000 away from our amount to First Tee.  Our goal is $145,000 this year.  
Tips of items that yield well:  Restaurants (if they want to give a $100 certificate, ask if they would do four $25s); Pets are good; as well as Wine and liquor.  
Please fill out the forms clearly.  Rack cards are available for distribution.  
Not only do we need to get items, we need to make sure people are aware and BID!
Other news:
VLR member Ray Makalous traveled to the Rotary Club of Johnson County, Kansas in December to honor Rob Reiman, of The Giving Grove, with a Paul Harris Fellow.  Ray worked closely with Rob for many years and wanted to recognize him for his years of service to the under-nourished community.