President Lynn King called the meeting to order
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Board meeting this month will be on January 23, President Lynn will send a reminder to board members
Member Jacob Hunt was married on December 28 -  Congratulations, Jacob!
photo credit: Angie Stone
Foundation Chair, Greg Wynn recognized John Cunningham and presented him with a Paul Harris Fellow plus seven pin.  Thank you, John for your support of our charity, The Rotary Foundation.
Sergeant at Arms, Julie Camp-Tome collected Happy $$
Auction Update - Kristin Keller - we tested "text to bid" by following Kristin's instructions.  Tested well and we will be using this capability for the auction.  Sponsors are being secured : the Hospital and Palmetto Electric are on board. Rack cards will be in next week.  The auction is set for February 23.  We may not have TV next year.  Sonny Huntley brought artwork from Steve Barton artist for the club to see.  It is a special piece and will be priced at $1500 for the auction.
Sonny Huntley also was the winner of the football pool. He picked 8 winners.
Rise Against Hunger - Lynn updated the club on the project Rise Against Hunger.  The club will participate in meal packing however cannot donate the amount of money that was asked for.  Because of the timing, our budget doesn't allow for a large expenditure for this project.  To learn about Rise Against Hunger, go to
Membership Recruitment - Lynn King, Creighton Stuckart gave a status of our membership.  There are currently 53 members in the club.  Our club, built on personal relationships, encourages you to invite people that would be good Rotarians to join us at a meeting and introduce them to Rotary.  Creighton reported that Hal Wilson will be attending orientation and will be inducted.   
Financial Report - John Farrenkopf provided the Treasurer's Report
Rotary Foundation - Greg Wynn, Foundation Chair spoke about the Foundation, its mission and how the club benefits.  He made everyone aware that the monies that are paid to The Foundation Annual Fund, 50% come back to the District in three years.  The club gets a portion of that money when applying for a grant.  
Zack Van Landingham Scholarship - was explained by Kevin Courtney.  It is a 501C3 which is managed to provide scholarships to students for university study.  Every given year we are supporting four students in their scholastic endeavors.   
Venue Trial - As per above, we will meet at USCB - HHI Campus on January 14 and January 21.  Please attend these meetings and provide input as to your opinion about changing our venue.