Posted by Nancy Riedel on Feb 07, 2019
President Steve Stauffer rang the bell at 8:00
Brian Goode offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
The Island Rec Center Open house on 1/31/19 was a success and there were VLR members there.
The Board meeting this month is on Monday 2/18.
Auction - at $85,000 so far.  72 hours until the end
Membership:  Third posting for Randy Rose, Jim Keith, JR McMillan.
Ivan Bennett - shirts have arrived.  Please see him if you ordered one, or are a new member.
There will be a social the end of next month to be held at Otto Farrene's home.
Past President Tim Ridge filled in for Sergeant at Arms Alicia Powell. He welcomed visiting Rotarians and guests and collected Happy $$
Visitors:  Don McClure, Harvey Flashen, Bob Wester, Ray Enstine, Jim Mackie
Steve Stauffer introduced our speaker, Ray Warco.
photo courtesy Barry Davis
Ray is a Past President of the club and he spoke about some of the club's history.   Ray started in 1988 at the time the club was five years old.  He told of the original fund raisers including selling vidalia onions and pecans.  Realizing that we needed something "big", the auction was started.  It was all done mechanically, and not at all the way it is done today.  Some of the things the club did back then:  asked for donations of food for the Salvation Army; built mid island bus shelter, Rotary Reader Project.  Otto Ferrene talked about the Rotary Reader program at District Conference.  Ray gave several anecdotal stories.  One amusing one was when, after Hurricane Hugo members of the club traveled to Monks Corner to assist a family. All went well clearing debris from their property.  There was however an oak tree that was leaning precariously and the group decided to cut it down.  Unfortunately the tree landed on their shed.  In spite of that the family was very appreciative of the help.  It is evident from Ray's speech, that VLR has been serving the community and having fun doing it for a long time.