Posted by Nancy Riedel on Dec 06, 2018
President Steve Stauffer opened the meeting by ringing the bell at 8:00
Kevin Courtney offered the prayer and led the pledge to the flag
Christmas Party will be this Sunday, December 9.  So far there are about 42 people signed up.  If you haven't signed up contact John Farrenkopf.  There will be two baby sitters available for child care.  
December 20 4:00 at Piggly Wiggly for holiday basket delivery.  Social afterward at Lagerhead Tavern.
Auction kick off meeting will be December 18
Membership - this was the third posting for proposed new members: Stephanie Eikenberry and Tim Henderson
Island Rec Center will have an Open House January 24. It will be a good opportunity to see the results of our contribution to the Center.
John Farrenkopf filled in for Sergeant at Arms Alicia Powell.  He introduced visiting Rotarians and guests and collected Happy $$
Visiting Rotarian: Ray Erstein
Guest: Stephanie Eikenberry,  and Jim Keith, guest of John Meyer
Immediate Past President Ben Shelton introduced speaker Eric Esquivel, founder of La Isla magazine.  
photo credit Barry Davis
Eric spoke of the local immigration problems, challenges as well as successes.  His father, came to America in 1964 to attend medical school. His mother was from NJ.  They moved here in 1983.   La Isla, a bi lingual magazine recently celebrated its 19 year anniversary, having been founded in 1999.  It is a "circulation verified" publication, they print 27,000 copies, have a 93% pick up rate and 3 - 4 readers per copy.  The Hispanic community is the fasted growing community.  He shared many interesting statistics: immigrants start businesses faster, Mexican is the largest sector locally, with Honduran second, they are the #1 users of telecommunications in the country, are very savvy on social media.  make up 40% of our local school system  (73% Red Cedar),.  He spoke of the difficulty in learning English since it is the second hardest language to learn and it takes a generation to learn to speak it.  Technology does enable them to learn the language quicker.  Fear is the biggest obstacle to the immigrant.  They do business by building a relationship.   Eric also rounded the Lowcountry immigration coalition, which offers citizenship classes, citizen workshops, education, help with immigration law.  Eric was also involved with the building of the birthing center at Hilton Head Hospital which has helped it to expand.   Hispanics are very conservative people, family oriented, good neighbors, and faith based. Question was posed about the use of the word Hispanic vs. Latino.  Latino refers to those from South America including Brazil where they do not speak Spanish.  An interesting presentation by someone who has contributed so much to our community.  Check out la isla magazine at