Posted by Nancy Riedel on Aug 08, 2017
8:00 Opening Bell
8:10 President Ben Shelton called the meeting to order
Brian Goode offered the prayer and led the pledge
John Carroll - Membership - There are surveys on the tables.  Please fill out and turn in to John.  Next Tuesday, August 15, there will be a Membership Committee/mixer/social at Rielley's on the South End.  More information to follow
Ben - announced that the Okatie Rotary Club is having a Fireworks cruise on Tuesday August 15 and has spots available for anyone interested in going along.  The boat leaves Broad Creek Marina and will sail Broad creek, eventually finding a good spot to watch the Tuesday fireworks at Shelter Cove.  Cost is $25.  Let Ben know if you are interested or you can also contact Nancy for more information.
Cory Malphrus - Service - there is still time to sign up for the clean up project at the High School.  Sheets were circulated or contact Cory if you can volunteer.
Ben - announced that he along with Nancy attended a Rotary Foundation training session at PDG Sandee Brooks home last week.  Sandee is District Foundation Chair.  Alice Howard and Bernie Riedel also contributed to the training for area 4 Presidents and Foundation Chairs.
Lynn King - Public Image - relayed that Past President Tim is doing a great job with updating facebook.  The Sand Box would like to invite us, possibly in October.  Among other initiatives that this committee is taking to get the word out about VLRC, one idea is to have members go out to other groups to let them know about our club.
Ben - Rotary Reader is trying to get off the ground.  The club needs a Literary Chair to help make this, along with other literary projects happen.  Let Ben know if you can assume this position.
John Farrenkopf - Social - There will be a social on Thursday the 17th at Lagerhead Tavern.  There are about 50 people signed up.  Lagerhead Tavern is located at the Oyster Reef Club house on Hilton Head Plantation.  The address is 155 High Bluff Road.  
Sgt. at Arms Chuck Wiseman welcomed visiting Rotarians, told a bad joke of the day, collected Happy $, and wished Cory Malphrus happy birthday.
Visiting Rotarian: PDG Bill Belk and his spouse
Weston Sanders photo compliments of Barry Davis
Ivan Bennett introduced Weston Sanders who was awarded a VLRC scholarship last year. He has done well his first year and is very appreciative of the help that the scholarship has provided for him as he starts his second year at Clemson.  He wanted to personally thank the club.
Al Stokes from the Waddell Mariculture Center
Al Stokes photo compliments Barry Davis
The Waddell Mariculture Center is a field experiment station of the SC Department of Natural Resources and is one of the country's largest and most sophisticated facilities for mariculture research. It was constructed in 1983-84 to develop propagation and farming techniques for marine and brackish water species of finfish, mollusks, crustaceans and plants. 
He showed a video of cobia feeding at night.  Through the Mariculture Center's efforts they harvested and put 10,000 cobia into Port Royal Sound.  They work with many other fish, such as Red Drum (which can live 50 years) tagging and tracking them as well as farming for sea food.  Sea Trout are another fish that have been researched, using Genomics. Our waters have the largest concentration of sharks on the east coast.  There are over 40 species including Great White in our waters. We have a unique estuary system with high salinity, abundance of sharks, and highest classification of pure water.  Other projects include oyster bed restoration, Horseshoe Crab blood research and use, terrapin tracking, bird and raptor rehabilitation, work with whales and dolphins and storm water effects.
Waddell facility -
The center is located on the Colleton River in Beaufort County.  It is also undergoing renovations : adding two new intake structures, lab, offices, wet lab, new conditioning tanks, new A/C, a new gate which is a memorial of his son who passed away.
One of the biggest challenges and dangers to sea creatures are plastic bags and bottles.  It has been shown that the animals have been ingesting the plastics which cause various issues.  Also there are cultures that consume the whole fish and now they are also consuming plastic.  Banning plastic bottles has been one solution that has been suggested.
Visit the website:  to learn more about the projects and works of the Center.