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8:00 am - Opening Bell
8:30 am - Prayer and Pledge - Nasser Shaheen
Welcome and remarks by President Tim Ridge
Ben Shelton, membership - there are currently 63 members. There will be a Membership Committee meeting 5 pm next Wednesday, June 28th, at the Wexford Clubhouse.  Anyone on the committee as well as anyone interested in joining the committee should attend.  Let Ben know if you need a pass.
Ivan Bennett, Rotary reader update.  Good news is Ray Makalous passed his criminal background check so he is good to go to work with the program, of course we never had a doubt. Please let Ivan know if you haven't already and want to volunteer for this program.  Spouses are welcome as well.
John Farrenkopf announced that the trip to the Savannah Bananas will be on Wednesday July 12th, bus leaving from the baseball field at the High School at 4:15 pm.  A sign up sheet was circulated.  Cost is $15 and covers the cost of the ticket, snacks & transportation.  
President Tim announced that the joint board meeting will be held tonight, Tuesday June 20th at 5:15 at the Hickory Tavern.  This meeting is for old board members and incoming board members.
Immediate Past President Brian Neumann reminded everyone that this Saturday, June 24 is our Founders Night.  It will be held at 5:30 at Spring Lake in Hilton Head Plantation. If you haven't signed up and want to come, let Brian know.
Nancy Riedel presented comments about the Rotary International Convention that was held in Atlanta GA last week. It was attended by over 43,000 Rotarians from all over the world and all convention sessions and activities were held in the Georgia World Congress Center. The format of the convention was General Session in the morning, breakout sessions in the afternoon and House of Friendship open all the time.  Celebrating 100 years of The Foundation, Polio eradication was emphasized.  The opening ceremony was held in two seatings on Sunday. Among the speakers was the Governor of GA and RI President John Germ, welcoming all.  Entertainment was the Atlanta Pops. On Monday the Mayor of Atlanta welcomed everyone and the keynote speaker was Bill Gates.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has extended their challenge and are continuing their 2 for 1.  The incidence of polio continues to decrease with just 6 cases so far this year in the 3 endemic countries - Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.  Pledges were made by many countries and organizations to almost meet the amount required to bring the cases of polio down to zero.  A highlight that day was was a panel discussion on the "End of Modern Slavery".  Ashton Kucher was a member of the panel and his passion was evident when he talked about what he and his Foundation are doing for this cause. There were many other speakers of note, including Jack Nicklaus, who himself is a polio survivor.  The convention ended on Wednesday with inspiring speeches by RIP John Germ and RIPE Ian Riseley.
Sergeant at Arms Jennifer DeHarte welcomed guests, announced birthdays and anniversaries, and Happy$.
VISITING ROTARIANS: Phil & Sara Murphy from Fort Collins, CO Breakfast (Matt's parents)
GUEST: Jeannie Murphy - (Matt's wife)
There is NO MEETING next week or the week after so she covered 6/18 to 7/8
BIRTHDAYS: 6/22 - Greg Wynn, 6/29 - Ken Meyer, 7/2 - Ron Dziekan, 7/3 - Mike Davis, 7/5 - Brian Goode
ANNIVERSARIES: Barry & Lauri Davis (53), Evan & Emile Jeffords (7), Greg & Terry Wynn (38), Ken & Nancy Meyer (52), Brian & Babs Neumann (8), Mike & Jeanette Davis (29)
ROTARY ANNIVERSARIES: Tim Ridge (5), Kevin Courtney (20), John Cunningham (14)
During Happy$ it was announced that the club made $30,286 from our efforts at the Heritage.
Ellen Comeau, Water Resources Agent from the Clemson Extension presented an interesting and informative program "Storm Water and the Saltmarsh".  Clemson Extension provides public services to improve the economy, environment, and well-being of South Carolina through the delivery of unbiased, research based information and education.  Ms. Comeau relayed that Beaufort County is 50% water, very little fresh water, most ponds are man made, many rivers are actually tidal embayments, and no fresh water influence. The Beaufort County Saltmarshes act as a oceanic nursery and feeding ground for migratory species, attracting a lot of birds. The economic benefits are: seafood, tourism and recreation. She spoke of keeping the waters clean and the fact that we get 8 to 9 feet high tides, but it is an incomplete tidal flush, water stays for a long period of time.  Storm water run off is the biggest threat according to the EPA. Common pollutants are: fresh water, bacteria, litter and nutrients.  What can you do to help this problem? --Get soil tested before fertilizing (test costs $6) and water wisely.
Bingo and 9:00 meeting adjourned
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Our apologies for this late edition. Nancy Riedel is attending the RI convention in Atlanta and I have just returned from Michigan. The following notes were submitted by Ivan Bennett:
VLR Notes: June 13, 2017
Opening Bell 8:00
Prayer and Pledge Brian Goode : 8:10
Remarks President Tim Ridge: Next week VLR Board Meeting at 5:15 at Hickory Tavern for old and new Board members.

Membership Report- Ben Shelton:  The VLR membership currently is 63.

Social- John Farrenkopf : Savannah Banana Night with a Bus is being planned for July 12. More Info later.

John Cunningham received his Paul Harris 4 year pin.

Sergeant-at-Arms Jennifer DeHart: Birthdays- John Farrenkopf on June 16 and Bev James on June 17. Rotary Anniversary Dave Pierce 48 years. Mike and Lynn Middleton married 40 years.

Visiting Rotarians: Richard Rorschach from Kilgore Texas

Guest: Andre Saniche (speaker) guest of John Cunningham
Introduction of Speaker- Tim Ridge
Andre has returned by popular demand from speaking to us on his experiences living in Russia
Presentation: Andres first travel to Russia was in 1996.
Russians lover to host people with caviar, meat, vegetables and plenty of Vodka (100% proof).
From 2000-2003 the Russian restaurant and grocery stores were the best ever.
But in 2003 Russian put the clamp down and decided they could do it themselves.
In 2002 Andre’s wife who had lived in London moved to Russia with him. By 2006 they had enough and left Russia for good.

Bingo- 8:50
Adjournment- 9:00
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