Sep 26, 2017
Phares Nyaga Mithamo
Peace Keeper | Nairobi Kenya

Phares is currently the Director of PCEA Eastleigh Community Center in Nairobi Kenya.  In this role, Phares coordinates and leads a team of 30 staff members in providing all aspects of education for peace, including counter extreme violence and radicalization, and enterprise development to youth and women. Phares is an ordained Elder of Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) Nairobi Central presbytery, Eastleigh Parish, Eastleigh Church. As a PCEA Elder, he is in charge of pastoral service to over 30 families who have membership with Eastleigh Parish. Phares discharges his Eldership role in line with PCEA Practice and Procedure Manual.  Phares Nyaga Mithamo is a Kenyan, born in the year 1974; he is married to Lucy Njeri Nyaga and has two Children Joel Kariuki Nyaga 10 years old and Mercy Nyakio Nyaga 2 years old.

He did his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education and Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in the years 1990 and 1994 respectively. He later joined Meru College of Technology in the year 1998 to 2000 to pursue a Diploma in Automotive Engineering. Later He joined Kenya Methodist University for a Diploma in Project Management and planning. Currently he is seeking to join St Paul’s University for a degree in Christian Muslims relations. Phares believes in education as a tool to sustainable peace. He Manages a Primary and Secondary School Education program for children and, Vocational Skills Training programs for youth and women. These are the key project interventions at PCEA Eastleigh Community Center all aiming at promoting peace.


Phares is no stranger to project design and management, having spent 10 years as a program officer and a Vocational Skills Training instructor. He designed and implemented programs for Skills Training and Enterprise Development for vulnerable youth and women within the major slum communities of Nairobi and poverty stricken regions of Kenya. Phares who has 5 years now as the Director of PCEA Eastleigh Community Center, works with both host and refugee vulnerable communities in Nairobi to access education and skills as a tool for peace building. This he does through managing a Primary School and a Secondary School for children. Idle youth are enrolled to Vocational Skills Training and engaged in forums for interreligious dialogues, active non violence approaches to make them peace ambassadors. He networks with religious institutions and churches and mosques to champion the means and importance of peaceful coexistence and tolerance. He is the Chairman of presidential bursary and social protection committee for Kamukunji sub-county in Nairobi County on voluntary basis. He voluntarily leads PCEA Kassasule Health Center Management committee, a health project in partnership between three PCEA Nairobi Presbyteries and Newton Presbytery PCUSA. Through two USAID funded projects; skills for peace and investing in youth ideas over 1,000 youth have been empowered through Entrepreneurial vocational skills. 5 forums were conducted to discuss peace on diverse context where the 1,000 youth participated.